BRANTINGHAM-Wellness County Lewis Professionals have partnered to deliver the mind, body and soul of a one-day Adult Summer Camp Retreat at Camp Aldersgate on Sunday, August 29th.

Adults, 18 years of age and older, interested in practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutritional instruction, aromatherapy with essential oils, and additional holistic self-care practices are encouraged to participate to relax, restore, and rediscover. The withdrawal program will include instruction and practice of ancient conscious applications integrated with science-based healing methods, no experience required to participate.

In April 2021, the Lewis County Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce hosted the “Breaking Barriers and Building Connections” event at Tug Hill Vineyards, where participants were asked to use the expertise and knowledge within their small groups to collaborate for a summer successful. Following the networking event, a team of organizers including Nichole Workman, Lee Vance, Heidi VanZandt and

Jackie Mahoney made additional connections with other Wellness professionals and strengthened the details of the event to finalize plans for the Adult Summer Camp Retreat.

“We have a growing number of Wellness professionals in our community with the knowledge and passion to share,” said Jenna Kraeger, economic development specialist with Lewis Count Development Economic Development. “This event is a great example of how networking and collaboration can break down barriers to providing new experiences for the community.”

The retreat will provide an opportunity for participants to discover and deepen concentration, wisdom and compassion, program organizers say, adding that instruction will be based primarily on instructors’ education and wisdom and rooted in consciousness and science. The attraction will include meditation lessons, movement instructions, as well as food and holistic workshops. You do not need to have any experience or knowledge of these practices in order to participate.

Instructors include:

Nichole Workman is a certified yoga instructor, a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and nurse. She is the owner of Mindful Motivation in Lowville. Yoga, meditation and consciousness are gifts that she believes should be shared with our community. She is honored to share these practices.

Dr. Lee Vance is a psychologist, wellness coach, communication consultant and meditation teacher. He is the owner of Lee Michael Wellness Coaching and Consulting, LLC in Lowville. He wanted to practice and share mindfulness meditation and stress reduction techniques with the community.

Heidi VanZandt is a natural welfare consultant. Her areas of expertise include plant-based foods, essential oils, a toxin-free lifestyle and thought practices. She owns the Health and Vitality Zone in Lowville. After a battle with breast cancer, Heidi learned that many cancers are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors and has since immersed herself in natural health education and practices.

Megan Dolhof is a certified nutrition specialist with a master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition. She owns Open Sky Wellness in Lowville. Megan uses a comprehensive nutritional approach to rebalance and restore the body; Inclusion of nutrients from whole foods, quality supplements and mindful eating strategies.

Camp Aldersgate executives Pam Harris and Garrie Stevens look forward to welcoming the community to enjoy the attraction at their beautiful spot on Lake Brantingham in the Adirondacks. Aldersgate is a owned camp and retreat center operated by the New York Upper Conference of the United Methodist Church. For more information or to register for Adult Retreat Summer Camp visit: or call 315-348-8833.