Offensive coordinator Kodra Zak spoke after training Tuesday in the state of Arizona about how he approached the team goodbye week, his efforts to often include wide receivers and what stands out in the defense of the state of Washington.

If he felt he achieved what he wanted during ASU’s good week:

“I think we did some good things during the good week. You are always trying to do self-scouting, look at what you are doing, see what your numbers are and then you are looking at the other opponent, trying to get a little ahead, making sure you are good with your boys, that communication, and then obviously you need to leave some time for recruitment as well. “So you’re just trying to do as much as you can during the farewell week, trying to do some healthy guys and then some other repetitions and try to build that depth.”

On the overall wide receiver rotation and the wide receiver health status Johnny Wilson:

“I will not go into any of the injury report issues, I will let (head coach) Herm (Edwards) do it. But in terms of wide receivers, each week may be a little different. The boys are growing up and some game plans may also favor a certain guy, so we are still trying to find a good fit. We have a lot of guys in that room who can be productive and who are very competitive, so as we talked about before, it’s always hard to give those guys all the balls they want. We would like to spread it even more. We’re trying to get some touches from the guys because we feel like we have guys who deserve this and then we also try to keep the defense out of balance. “But every boy is different every week and how healthy they are, whatever happens that week – you’re just always making changes.”

On why the second wide receiver Ricky PearsallHis involvement in the attack fell as the game progressed against Utah:

“I think sometimes it is – after the first half, we got into it somehow – at least ourselves, we got into it, ‘let’ s try to keep driving, let ‘s not put ourselves in a bad situation for some third and long situations’. because we knew that defending them would bring some things and we did not want to be in them.So we were trying to run a little bit of football and control it and obviously we ended up losing in two from those first third drops, we got a point and then we got a wrong spark in the hub – that got us out of the drives.So actually, you’re limited to three games each of these drives and now you do not you’re able to get into some of the things with which you want to maintain a balance of defense.So most of it is how the game ends, and obviously we want to get the ball to our best guys.We felt like even trying to get the ball at that moment would favor us “They had a ton of momentum and we could not stop it.”

If ASU farewell week came at the right time:

“I think we were ready to say goodbye. Entering – what week it was, eight – you have already played seven games and I think our boys were – coaches, everyone was a little bit ready for that, like, ‘take a deep breath, let’ s solve some things, let ‘s go back to our attack, defense, all those kinds of things. Let’s get our boys back both mentally and from a health standpoint, and I think it came at a good time. Now it has to do with how you treat it week after week. This is the important thing, because now you enter that tranquility in the farewell week and then now it is, ‘okay, we’re bringing it back’. Therefore, these first practices are so important with urgency and attention to detail. We can not be lethargic in preparing for this game. So this is a challenge for us as coaches and players to put everything we have into it, because this is a final period of five weeks. ”

Regarding what defines the defense of the state of Washington:

“I think it’s a bit like Utah,” he said. I think they fly around. I think they are a group of guys who have good experience. They are all older. They have a speed. They play hard. They play physically, are very active, and do a few things in the third landing that will bring you trouble. So in every level, there are boys. They have some fast passers-by, of their own [linebackers] are quite good, and their whole back is really good. So I think they communicate well and back again in strong play and physical play, too, and we try to be a physical attack, so there is always a physical battle going on in the game and who wins it. But anyway, it will be a good challenge for us. “They do a very good job there, and I’m sure they will be hungry to come in here and tell us what they got.”

Whether or not there was a common theme with ASU offensive sentences:

“Some of them were operational things, be they false beginnings and things like that, some properties, a variety of things. This has been a big point of attention for both the attack and the defense and then coach Herm, as a total team. We have to really limit them and do our best to play a clean game because we have removed ourselves from some discs and shot ourselves in the foot on several occasions. Just pay more attention to this fact and the details there. “

On the leadership within the matches when the momentum is going against ASU and what he says to the second quarterback Jayden Daniels regarding player engagement:

“This has been a great message this week, goodbye week and only during these last two games. We have had some really good situations and we have had some situations where we have not coped well with disasters. Every game is a lesson, you are gaining experience from every single game and so the point of emphasis, we are trying to go home as much as we can from the point of view of the coaching staff, from the point of view of the players and exactly when disaster strikes . we need to do a better job of staying together, trusting each other, trusting training, and staying safe through it. But yes, the leaders of this team, we need to be able to grow and communicate, stay positive and create energy because there are many times where we have felt, we have all felt, like, ‘Good guys, where is the energy ? Let’s go. We have to work with this. ‘ “It’s natural for some and it’s not natural for others and we just have to do a better job of coaching.”

For what he says to the players to help them stay positive:

“I think it’s just awareness. I talk to our boys all the time just about the awareness of what goes through your head. Do I think positively or do I think negatively? Am I in the dump because I have negative things happening in my head or am I learning from this and that? We need to have this in the other mentality. How, OK, what ‘s next, what’ s next, what ‘s next? Get rid of it, OK, what is the next game? What is the next thing I need to do and then help each other. Those guys who do it naturally, now you have to help each other who do not do it naturally, but it is only about identifying what is going on in your head and if you can do it and change your mentality, that makes it a lot. easier.”

Whether or not he will continue to be a coach from the field:

“We will see, we will see. “There is a draw for both, but we will see what happens.”

For what you can see from the field you do not see from the box:

“I think upstairs, you understand the big picture. You can see all the edges of the field, you can see what they are doing and how they are adapting to certain things, but you lose the feeling, the atmosphere on the side. You lose leadership and connection with the players and so, there is a given take on that and I personally like both, but I like to be on the field and just have a little more presence on the field and be able to watch the guys in the field. eyes, especially as a quarterback coach. I trust our coaches down there and that is why it has been so comfortable for me to be in the box because I trust our coaches to be able to go out there and do the work, make corrections and communicate with the guys “So I think our boys are doing a great job.”

On the execution of the silent strike against Utah:

“It was the game against Utah and we knew it was going to be noisy and we hoped to get the crowd out of it as much as we could. That’s always hope on the road, but, obviously they achieved it in the second half and did a good job. “But as for our operation, our boys, we learned from that BYU game, we have moved forward, we have many ways to act in loud situations and I thought the boys did a good job of it.”