What did you think of what you see on the defensive line?

“Some good stuff from a lot of guys, hurry up, hungry guys, too. Also, trying to create and win a job, that’s exactly it, giving an evaluation process for a lot of coaches to see who the guys are. “It’s going to be. But everyone, they really had a good technical technique in the technical aspect, all of that, getting the ball, getting the laps, the bags, things of that nature.”

What have you seen so far from DL Ross Blacklock?

“More confidence. More confidence in his skills. Utilizing him. He looks really explosive, really fast. That’s all I see from him. He’s going to do some great performances.

How much better do you think this protection is compared to last year? Even just a few weeks at the training camp.

“Well, the coaches give us the tools and the talent goes and executes, basically. So it goes hand in hand. The talent has to take the tools to play extremely well technically and then use their talents to make performances.”

Is it more talent or coaching that makes the difference this year so far?

“Absolutely, I have another intervention today. He is continuing to buy more and everything is experiencing repetition, he has been trained from the perspective of his first year in the league and the more repetition and experience he has, the better it will be. “Seeing things faster and he’ll be like, I’ve seen this game before and I know I need a fit here. He’m still getting better. He ‘s doing a great job.”

What are the tools that coaches give to players?

“To be more instinctive, but to play within the scheme and do shows. By showing us the technique, whether it’s tearing, diving, some of the movements and things of that nature, I do not know exactly what is going on in the back, don ” I do not know; I’m a D-Lineman right now. So it looks like they are playing much faster, much cheaper. Some things that need to be corrected as far as they fit and also just making sure that we do not inflate over all, things of that nature. But they are giving us all the tools, especially money, using the hands, the technique, the things we have trained all our lives. “

When you said you do not know what is going on, in the back, but it seems everyone noticed that DB Lonnie Johnson Jr. is doing shows almost every day. Do you notice this and how does this staff unlock its potential?

“I was lucky to have had a bunch of guys to watch. I have to watch JJ Watt, Jonathan Joseph, Tyrann Mathieu was a strong emotional leader who came, Kareem Jackson was just a pro, pro. all those guys I have to take a little bit of everything from them and add it to myself and on the other hand try to spread it to the rest of the guys in the field around me. “

Do you find yourself against tight ends often in the running game, what do you notice of them in the running block?

“Yeah, so of course I see narrow conclusions, especially when I’m in a 6 or 6. Guys, most of the narrow edges in the league, even our boys, they’ll block you until the whistle is blown. “So you have to be a lot more aggressive and here, how they are getting used to, being very aggressive until the whistle is blown. So don’t give it a D-end game or an D-easy game.”

With you and other veterans not seeing much time to play while facing the Packers, how much do you want to play against Dallas this weekend?

“Oh, man, my son, Jordan Jenkins (Jordan Jenkins saying ‘pickle juice’ in the background). No, that’s not my nickname. This is because Jordan Jenkins does not like to drink pickle juice for his health because he is cramping all the time

Anyway, as far as the pre-season is concerned, to feel a sense of the speed of the game, to cope with the rush of adrenaline it gets, dwindling, basically dipping your finger in the water before it all ends. This is kind of like a test, you know, basically for a lot of guys. I’m looking forward to it. Get out there, tell the coaches what I have at my age and my year and all that. “I can’t wait.”

Do you think it is even more important to give the change you will have to do something different this year? “Definitely. Because it ‘s a new scheme, 4-3. My hand is in the dirt and I have to see if I can run with my hand in the dirt and play pass, also, also, and be instinctive in this. I want I mean, it’s almost nothing like a 3-4 on the edge being. We went up to 7-4-3 sometimes and adapted. The biggest difference is just putting your hand on the ground. “

How much has life changed for you that you do not have to worry about coverage?

“Really, it ‘s like reading some of the back, I do not want to go into too much detail about the coverage, you know what I mean. But they’re just the keys. You can read your defenders in this defense just because it’ s very aggressive and as they are reading line readers, you can actually read them for your reading, so you can read the offense and you can read your players, so it just goes hand in hand and you have the keys that allow you to play faster. “

With all that’s enough to be able to split up and play freely?

“Yes, yes, I mean, I’ve played a number of years in the league, so of course I understand a lot of different concepts of crime and things of that nature, offensive scheme. to develop, basically around this league is a duplicate league.Everyone has the same game books.Depends only on which philosophy you will face week after week.I am satisfied with this, understanding the knowledge of the game and after that running make sure I’m physically fit. “

You mention the use of your hands a lot. Ross Blacklock seems to use his hands better in the pre-season, how much concentration has he been?

“All the time. Your hands are the ones that will free you up instead of being on your chest more with someone, you’ll get stuck that way, not being able to use your hands to close the blocks off the run. “Being able to double-rub or stab. Especially on a pass, you will not get bags that way. Emphasis is a big accent. You can’t just go in there and run with your chest.”