Great shuna to charge for Japan

Ecola will be at the Buehner Mill in early December

The Portland newspaper makes an inaccurate statement saying the boat is too big to come to Coos Bay

Student Ecola will be coming to Coos Bay early next month to pick up a shipment of lumber to Japan. The Portland Oregonian yesterday, speaking of offshore transportation, said the Ecola was a remodeled cargo ship and that it was too big to come to this port. This is an incorrect statement as the ship is coming here.

Henry Buehner, manager of the Buehner Lumber Company, announced today that Ecola would arrive in early December and take a shipment of 1,800,000 feet of fir timber to Japan. Half of it will come from the Buehner mill and the other half from the CA Smith mill.

Get great orders for spruce here

Bay Park Mill to offer three and a half million

The usual boxes and grades go south – they will keep the mill busy for many weeks

Wm. Vaughan from Bay Park Lumber Co. reportedly recently closed the sale of about three and a half million square feet of cans and common spruce for distribution in San Pedro.

The order is said to have been one of the best placed here recently and will keep the Bay Park mill for many weeks. In addition to ordering box and ordinary, they have sold substantial spruce fertilizer to veneer factories and ordering fir dimensions for shipment to Australia in December gives the mill a good line to work on.

The order comes at the right time as Mr. Vaughan had a large amount of fir trunks in the water ready to be cut. Most of them were pulled to the Tar Heel and held back during the fall, the cedar demand being removed from the same district by furnishing most of the market for many weeks.

Myrtle Point to get water supply

Plans for a large reservoir in the nearby creek

There will be a five mile long gravity line with supplies more than a year in hand

JS Whittaker, Myrtle Point city council member, was here yesterday and stated that the council there has good plans for a new water supply which will be suitable at any time for Myrtle Point for years to come.

Surveys and assessments are now being done. The city has deposited the necessary water rights and the watershed is a government reserve so that the cost of the source of supply is little or not at all.

The plan is to build a large reservoir in a stream five miles from Myrtle Point. There is a beautiful natural dam site, a rocky gorge canyon that makes it an ideal and inexpensive place to build a dam.

The estimate is that by building a forty-three foot high dam and about 70 feet to the top, twenty-five million gallons of water could be trapped. It is a height high enough for gravity to provide the right pressure.

Preliminary cost estimates are around $ 20,000. Instead of laying the usual steel pipeline, it is proposed to lay concrete or cement that is said to be cheaper and more durable.

Current supply will be maintained, the city will own the pipeline and resources. The old pipeline is about three miles long.


The need for hospital listed one of Coos’s problems

“You may not agree with my priorities, but the number one health problem now in Coos County involves meeting basic health needs. “I do not think a new hospital in the Bay Area is the answer, but it is a good part of the answer,” said Coos County Health Officer Dr. AB Munroe on Friday in front of the North Bend Chamber of Commerce.

He said the number one medical problem in the county is venereal disease and the second is hepatitis.

The doctor said the health department is just a branch of an entire health team essential to the community and he did not want to “harness” the need for a new hospital, but a full collaborative effort is needed to ensure better basic health. services and “as long as you have a sharing of feelings, the medical community here will not move forward.”

He said these needs are being met “to some extent” and doctors in the area do not want to refuse to visit patients, but “they are working hard. There just comes a time when doctors can no longer take patients.”

Regarding venereal disease, the doctor said that “there has been a 21 percent increase in the state and a 36 percent increase since last year in Coos County, so the problem is here and we have to deal with it.”

Siuslaw overturned Myrtle Point in the fourth quarter, 14-7

REEDSPORT – It was like a sharp knife cutting the butter … until it reached the bottom and stuck on the butter holder.

Such was the fate of the Bobcats of Myrtle Point who split the Siuslaw Vikings’ defensive efforts during the first half Friday night before reaching the end… and when the end came, the Vikings had won a 14-7 victory in the AA Class quarterfinal. in Oregon. in Reedsport.

Siuslaw simply stepped up his defensive efforts to keep Myrtle Point in a virtual stop, scored two quick kicks in the fourth quarter and stopped the Bobcats from hitting with a clumsy recovery and three assists.


The late goal lifts the Warriors over the Lakers

There were not many dry eyes among the players and coaches of the Oregon Southwest Community College’s soccer team on Sunday afternoon – and it was not because of the rain

The Lakers were letting their emotions show after giving up everything in a hard-fought 1-0 loss in the play-off to Walla Walla Community College in the Southwest.

“It hurts,” said Laker Jessica Montgomery. “It’s difficult.

“We gave everything. We played a fantastic game. “

“Our girls played with a lot of heart,” said Southwest coach Joel Perkins.

Using a defensive focus against the talented Warriors, Southwestern held on to any challenge, with goalkeeper Jana Tresler resisting kicks after the shot and several other defenders making excellent receptions near the gate.

But just 10 minutes into the match, Walla Walla’s Krista Hytreck sent the ball into the net after a corner kick by the Warriors. One goal was enough to send Walla Walla to the NWAACC Final Four.

Laker men fall into Edmonds

The Southwestern men’s soccer team collapsed in its NWAACC play-off match on Sunday, losing 4-1 in Edmonds, Wash.

“It was a really tough game for our boys,” said Southwest coach David Santesteban. “I am really proud of them, even though the result did not go as it should.”

Jacob Wallin scored Southwestern’s goal. The Lakers finished the best season in school history with a loss as they finished third in the Southwest Division with a 12-4-4 record.

Powers were knocked out of the play-offs

POWERS – As his team-mates knelt in a circle after Saturday’s playoff match with St. Louis. Paul, Cruiser senior Frank Adamek went around congratulating each of the players personally for their tireless work in an outstanding season.

Unfortunately, the Cruisers did not make good enough games during the game to extend that season for another week, as St. Paul returned to a 52-6 victory in the first round of the 1A class play-off at Powers.

Powers has been accustomed to ending games early in their favor over the past few seasons, but on Saturday the situation was reversed after the Buckaroos ended up with the Cruisers when the fast Manuel Ramos took an optional field and ran around the right edge 72 meters to reach. the score with 5:40 remaining in the third quarter.

Braves, Bruins advance

Reedsport took the necessary break and beat Henley 28-21 at Klamath Falls on Friday night in the first round of the Class 3A state football play-off on Friday night.

Leading 28-21 at the end of the fourth quarter, Reedsport was forced into a point situation in fourth place. A rough nail call against Henley initially gave Braves an automatic kick and extended their possession. The penalty helped Reedsport briefly finish the hour before returning the ball to Henley and Braves stopped the final move to save the win.

Reedsport travels to Sherwood for a second round game next weekend.

Dustin Zieman led Reedsport with two hits – one on a four-yard run and the other on a two-yard sprint – and finished the evening with 78 yards for all goals.

Center-back Chad Harrington orchestrated the offensive Reedsport symphony in a 338-meter evening. Harrington counted two of the Braves’ kicks, scoring in a one-yard run and finding Brett Butler for a 15-yard pass.

Bruins beat Philomath

Brookings-Harbor defeated Philomath 34-0 in the first round of the Class 3A football play-off in Brookings on Friday night.

Bruin’s senior, David Chesterman, walked at the Brookings-Harbor pace with two strokes overnight.