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One Penn State wrestler who transfers and makes the lineup, and another who is re-registered and ready to compete for a place has not gone unnoticed nationally. Voters in the National Wrestling Coaches Association’s weekly rankings put Penn State in first place with a few points above Iowa.

Drew Hildebrandt has about 2 and a half months left in his collegial career. All-America 2021 with 125 pounds was transferred from Central Michigan and was in the lineup last weekend, winning games against Maryland and Indiana. His addition to the lineup and the absence of Spencer Lee from Iowa affected some voters, although Iowa’s first student Drake Ayala seems to be very competitive and talented so far.

Former Penn State footballer Brady Berge said on Twitter last week that he wants to compete again (at 157 or 165). He left his post as assistant volunteer trainer in the state of South Dakota, claiming that his mind and body have recovered after concussion problems and a knee injury.

What this means is that building a competitive lineup is an ongoing – perhaps endless – process, something that Penn State coach Cael Sanderson confirmed.

“I think the name of the game is competitive. That’s all we want our kids to do is just compete, he said on Tuesday. “It’s more important than whether you win or lose, it’s just the way you compete and you always get up if you lose, that’s it.

“I think they know this is not the most important thing to us in life; I think that gives us a good perspective. But at the same time, we will compete in everything we do. I think this is a kind of message it sends, but I do not think it is anything new. That’s the name of the game. “

Penn State 14 149 player Beau Bartlett agreed with Sanderson’s thought process.

“I think it shows that everyone wants to be at our maximum … bringing in people who really want to be national champions and really want to be at the top of the podium in March,” Bartlett said of the additions to mid-season list.

“We can have as many people in the room as possible. We do not have 10 people doing that – everyone on the list, everyone wants to be there. So getting more great individuals like him just elevates everyone and motivates everyone to move on. ”

Wrestling is a sport in which whoever is the best is in the lineup, but that does not mean that the sport does not have feelings and a mental aspect.

“I think it’s just a matter of being fair, everyone has equal opportunities to make the team and compete for the team; that will never change, “said Sanderson.” We are trying to put the best team we can there, and you know when you come to Penn State our goal is to be the best team in the country and to win and we compete for the national team. titles each year. “I think this is just a wait.”

Sanderson said these moves are not something staff can prepare for. “We talked to Hildebrandt and we thought there was a possibility he would come, but then he would not come, and when he said yes, he was literally on campus three or four days later,” Sanderson said.

“Berge, the same thing. It was a fairly quick decision on his part. It was something I think he certainly took into consideration or even considered last year if he was ready to really leave the sport. That window of opportunity appeared in a way. “

The bottom line, he repeated, is to be fair.

“If my son is on the team, my cousin or my nephew, it’s the same thing. We are trying to create the best team we can. “This is my job at Penn State,” Sanderson said. “My job is to help every individual on the team be the best they can be and do everything we can to help them be the best they can be. And that’s what we do. “

Striving for justice is all that staff can do. “When the program becomes someone who inherits a country and does not win it, that is not a good thing; this is a reality with the circumstances you have in college sports, ”he explained. “I mean, just be honest. We love all the guys on our team, but just because we love you, it does not mean we will kick you out unless you are making a great effort.

“We have no one not to make great efforts; it is not so, ”he continued. “Our 25-year-old boys, (Jake) Campbell and (Baylor) Shunk, may not be 125 pounds natural, but they still struggled to do 25 and did a great job and put in a lot of effort. Same as we Are looking at 57 and 65. Our boys are making a great effort there too. We are proud of everything they are doing and we will just compete as we asked them to do… compete in every position and we should do the same as staff. We must practice what we preach. ”

Sanderson does not know when a Berge lineup can be made. “He just got here and we need to understand what the plan is going forward, not just with him, but with the other guys at weight,” he said. “Is there a wrestling match?” Do we need a wrestling match? We have to solve all those different questions. Of course, Brady has a lot of experience and for him, it is just a matter of making sure he is feeling well and healthy and when he is ready.

HEALTH UPDATE: The Nittany Lions missed NCAA defending champions Roman Bravo-Young (133) and Nick Lee (141) from their lineup on Sunday against Indiana. Sanderson said it’s just part of the landscape these days.

“We hoped to pass it in November. “It’s all you see that is sustained all over the country,” he said. remember sometimes.

“It will be as it is and no one is safe… I mean, vaccinated, unvaccinated, you had COVID, you did not have COVID. Everyone is getting it again, so this is a kind of reality. Everyone is in the same boat. “We just have to do the best we can and just be grateful we are fighting.”

Sanderson also noted that he did not have an update for 197-pound backup player Michael Beard, who injured a knee in the Southern Scuffle finals. “I think he feels good and he will be fine to go here soon, but I do not have any updates,” he said.