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Thrive Natural Wellness is celebrating its first year in business, helping customers achieve the goals of nutrition, mental well-being, lifestyle and fitness.

Owner Krista Watkins’s journey towards food health began with her personal health and the health of her children.

It started in 2008 when I started having problems with hair loss and bloating, ”explains Watkins.

Through something called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), a practitioner identified her food sensitivities and she began taking supplements to support her thyroid. It worked for him.

“My hair stopped falling out and I started to notice less inflammation in my arms and legs.”

Then, five years ago, Watkins was a young mother with an anxious and “colic” child. The doctor recommended heartburn medication for her baby. But since Watkins was breastfeeding, she felt the problem was something simple, perhaps related to her diet. She tested her daughter using NRT and, after adjusting her diet to her baby’s food sensitivities, she was again “a happy and content baby”.

Watkins knew she wanted to help other people take control of their nutritional health.

Feeding response testing
Nutrition science is built on the assumption that food and nutrition affect mental and physical health. Practitioners instruct clients in adjusting their nutrition in ways that alleviate their individual illnesses, taking into account food sensitivities and personal well-being goals.

NRT is a specific evaluation method developed thirty years ago by Dr. Freddie Ulan, a chiropractor in Florida. When Krista Watkins decided to start her Wellness practice, she trained with Ulan Nutritional Systems to learn NRT.

Watkins is now a Certified Health Trainer and Nutrition Testing Practitioner. It offers NRT in addition to personal health training, with services such as guided food trips and pantry changes.

Her practice specializes in prpregnancy – helping mothers prepare for a healthy pregnancy, helping them manage their well-being during pregnancy, and then helping them transition to motherhood – but it works with clients of all ages and genders.

Clients come to thrive Natural Wellness with a range of symptoms. They often struggle with poor digestion, allergies, anxiety or depression, infertility or hormonal imbalance. Often, especially in cases of gastrointestinal issues, Watkins is their last resort.

“In my experience,” Watkins offers, “doctors are not always taught about nutrition.”

As in the case of her daughter, she says the doctor’s first instinct was to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Each client addresses Thrive individually, case by case, and Watkins explains that she is not against the medication. But when traditional medicine does not help, NRT can diagnose nutrition-related issues and offer an alternative treatment plan.

Taking the first step
For those who are interested in natural well-being but are not sure where to start, Watkins suggests its weekly exercise program.

For $ 25 a week, Watkins provides a weekly registration call and access to an app where customers post their food, water and workouts (if these are their goals). It gives suggestions for alternatives or offers recommendations to challenge them.

If the problem is deeper, perhaps a frustrating symptom without any apparent cause, one might consider trying NRT.

How does the method work? After completing a symptom study, Watkins will review a client’s symptoms and then test them. She says the testing is non-invasive and there is no blood work involved.

“I am using the nervous system to understand the underlying cause of ill health,” she explains. Its purpose is to get to the root of the problem.

Thrive Natural Wellness is located in 463 Ohio Pike on the east side of Cincinnati. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the services they offer.