The last day of the Peninsula Athletic League tennis tournament for girls did not end as anyone had hoped, but in the end, the PAL champions and Central Coast Section participants settled in Burlingame High School.

The biggest disappointment of the day came when Burlingame Mila Mulready, exit no. 2, won the singles title in a walk, when Ava Martin of Menlo-Atherton, the chair, could not get out of the match due to illness.

“I got a message from her around noon, saying she had to leave school,” said MA coach Tom Sorenson. “It simply came to our notice then [Wednesday] she was lethargic and [didn’t look well]. She is very low, so I did not think much.

“(Teammate Emma Williams) is really good friends with Ava and she said she got very sick at school (Thursday).

Mila Mulready

While Martin and Mulready qualify for the CCS tournament due to reaching the PAL finals, Mulready is the official PAL 2021 champion.

With the match completed, the doubles championship tried to come back and, for more than two hours, the tandems from Carlmont and Menlo-Atherton made people forget the singles championship.

The difference between Victoria Gittoes and Nikhila Raman’s first pair Carlmont and Tessa Ellingson’s No. 2 MA pair Lila Motamedi was so subtle, tour director Bill Smith said they were essentially 1A and 1B when it came to plantings. .

“We rolled them back and forth,” Smith said.

The difference between the two teams was witnessed on the field as the two teams beat each other in turn with strong tennis.

Sorenson, a coach for a long time on the Peninsula, said it was one of the best games he has seen in a long time.

“It was definitely at a higher level than any game this season,” Sorenson said.

Gittoes and Ellingson are two of the biggest strikers in PAL and both of their games were on display. Gittoes was a force in the net, firing unlicensed volleys whenever possible.

Ellingson used her powerful power to defeat Carlmont on the line on several occasions.

The first set went back and forth. The teams held service in the first three games before the MA took a break and then held on to a 3-2 lead.

But Carlmont equalized the set by winning the next game, staying in second place.

The Scots eventually took a 6-5 lead, with the Gittoes serving for the set, which they won with a volley from Raman in the net, which landed just inside the left side line to give Carlmont a 7-5 decision at a set. lasted 90 minutes.

The Tandem MA reunited in the second game, winning the first game in service before breaking Carlmont’s service in game 2. The Bears went on to win four of the first five games and came away with a 6-3 victory in the set. second.

MA broke Carlmont to start the third set and then kept the service to quickly move to a 2-0 lead.

Carlmont served to start game 3 and after the second point of the game, the Gittoes took their place on the sideline after suffering health problems.

After a few minutes, it was found that the Gittoes could no longer continue and the Scottish duo were forced to retreat, giving them the MA victory.

“It was fun,” said Motamendi, who was playing doubles for the first time this season, as did Ellingson.

“[The partnership] it worked really well. We are doing very well. “

Ellingson, a first-year student, said that while she has not played doubles for the MA, she plays doubles in the Nor Cal USTA youth circuit. So while she may not have had a natural rapport with Motamend at first, she certainly knows what it takes to play with a teammate.

“Learning how to work with a partner,” Ellingson said.

In the singles match for third place, Aragon’s second student, Varsha Jawadi, did a quick job against MA Williams, 6-1, 6-1.

While she was not playing for a championship, Jawadi said every game is important to her.

“It is definitely important that every match is taken seriously,” Jawadi said. “I use it as an opportunity to improve.”

In the doubles match for third place, Charlotte Ragozin and Norah Lynch of Half Moon Bay gave the Cougars a rare strong showing, as the sixth HMB duo beat Carlmont Lisa Borchelt and Brooke Franaszek in the straight set, 6 -4. 6-3.

“That means a lot,” said HMB head coach Harriet Ragozin. “We like to play in the Bay Division, but the victories are few.

“It’s particularly sweet. “The girls are really excited.”