Raiders report: With Derek Carr ailing, team adds quarterback

Raiders report

All practices at the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, unless otherwise noted:

Tuesday – INACTIVE

Wednesday – Practice, 10:50 am

Thursday – Practice, 10:50 am

Friday – Practice, 11 o’clock in the morning

Saturday – INACTIVE

Sunday – vs. Miami Dolphins, Allegiant Stadium, 1:05 p.m.

Quote of the day

Raiders coach Jon Gruden is pleased with his team’s 2-0 start against two of the traditional AFC powers.

He is also excited that he is returning to the feeling of normalcy in the days of the game. Although health and safety protocols still exist, they have begun to be facilitated enough to allow some interactions with fans that are now allowed back in the building.

It’s a big change from all the vacancies last season, including at Allegiant Stadium.

“Yes, I think getting off the mask and being able to meet some people in Vegas is exciting,” Gruden said Monday. “We moved during a pandemic. We’re building our team and putting our team together, like other teams, during a pandemic, and we had to move from California to Las Vegas. We’re actually making some friends and “We are seeing our fans for the first time, so there is a natural amount of enthusiasm and excitement and novelty, freshness in all this. I think it is feeding us to a degree.”

Injury report

In his press conference Monday, Gruden referred to center-back Derek Carr, who ran Josh Jacobs and hit right-hander Alex Leatherwood as controversial for Sunday’s game against Miami, though that definition does not mean the same for him. three players.

Carr did an MRI of his ankle on Monday after shaking the injury and completing a strong showing against Pittsburgh. He seems to be moving in the right direction.

“I think he will be able to play,” Gruden said. “I’m not sure. We will have the official injury list for you … but I think it is debatable now.”

The first injury report of the week will be published on Wednesday.

Jacobs lost Sunday’s game and there seems to be some pessimism about his availability for Sunday.

“I met him this morning, and he is in excellent condition,” Gruden said. “He is really happy with the victory. I think he is everyday and very controversial again about this game. “

As for Leatherwood, who left Sunday’s game and did not return, the jury is still out.

“We’ll call it a back strain,” Gruden said. “So he is being evaluated as we speak, and we will list him I am sure as controversial until we get further information. But we need our proper treatment for sure.”

Defensive finish Yannick Ngakoue was able to play 29 shots against the Steelers despite facing an ankle injury throughout the week.

“He is the captain on the team and has always been tough,” Gruden said. “He is very strange. He’s really weird tough. This guy likes it. I think he enjoys misery. Being with two teams, crushing, hot moments, pressure filled situations. I think he gets a lot of pride performing at a high level when he is not 100 percent physically, and maybe the defense that comes out of him, he finds a way. That is why he is one of our captains and that is why he is one of the top strikers in the league. “


With sick Carr and Marcus Mariota reserve in the backup, Nathan Peterman was left as the only healthy center-back on the list.

That changed Monday when the organization added Colorado Northern Aluminum training team Kyle Sloter.

The 27-year-old spent time on the Raiders roster at the start of the season before being released in April. He has also been part of the Bears, Lions, Cardinals and Vikings, although he has not yet played in a regular season game.

His best pre-season came with Denver in 2017 when he went 31 from 43 to 413 yards and three touchdowns without interruption.

“He has had some good pre-season moments and is a talented young player,” Gruden said. “With Marriott out, you see Nate Peterman taking all the representatives of the scout team. You fail to see practice, but we have a lot of repetition, and we have a passing rush coming, and every day I worry about someone stepping on Nate and not have a spare quarterback.So we have to be smart.Sloter will be a quick study.He is a smart guy.He will get a lot of scout replay that Nate will not get now. “

The Raiders also brought back Trey Ragas and Lester Cotton Sr. back on the training team and released Nevin Lawson, who has completed his two-match league-mandated suspension to start the season.