Rachael Rapinoe discusses goals and challenges with new CBD company ‘Mendi’ originally aired on NBC Sports Northwest

Former University of Portland football star Rachael Rapinoe is making a difference in the CBD world.

From growing up playing the sport she loved with her twin sister Megan, who became a football superstar, Rachael has focused her energy on cheering on her sister while also working to change the cannabis world for athletes.

“It ‘s definitely very challenging,” Rapinoe told NBCSNW about moving from a soccer star to a CBD magnate.

“I always tell people that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.”

Rapinoe is the co-founder of the Oregon-based company along with Brett Schwager, a stylist who is working to “Make a Wave in the Sports Industry by Innovating the Healthiest Tools for Athletes” with their company. Mendiwith

This woman-owned company has already made waves.


While attending the University of Portland and dealing with life science, Rachael became the Portland Pilots’s top scorer in 2006 after moving from defender to striker in the middle of the season.

It was the year when her sister Megan suffered an ACL injury.

In 2007, Rachael was named Co-Player of the Week at the West Coast Conference.

By 2016, Rachael received a Master’s degree in Health Studies and Exercise from Portland State, while persistent injuries forced him to retire from football.

It was her game days that inspired her to start the company of natural ingredients after multiple injuries and feeling the effects of strong OTC drugs and prescription drugs.

“It was definitely created after a lot of injuries on my bottom,” Rapinoe said. “And then I went and got the masters in Health and Exercise.”

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the healthiest recovery tools to deal with [athletes] away from harmful drugs.

Rachael Rapinoe

Rapinoe also noted that it is Mendi mission to be the “trusted brand of cannabis sport”.

The company also hopes that Mendi eventually replaces Tylenol or Advil for pain management.

In the first year of the company, mindI worked with athletes, “prototyping a simple line of natural products, made in the USA, tested by third parties, WADA, IOC & League approved in the market,” as stated on the company website.

Rapinoe values ​​her days as an athlete for the way she has learned and will continue to learn how to best navigate the CBD space.

You have to learn, adapt and grow.

“I think to be an athlete and learn how to fail (because you fail so much as an athlete), you have to learn how to recover and learn from mistakes and try and do better next time – that he has definitely gone through my entrepreneurial career significantly. ”

As for the victories already scored by Rapinoe’s company, she is working to level the playing field for equal pay and equal investment opportunities for all female athletes.

For us, from the beginning we wanted to show people that you can invest in female athletes. Right now we are investing more in female sports than men.

Mendi is seeking to be an “industry leader” as Raponie says with an emphasis on education.

“Athletes have been using these tools for a long time and there has been a lot of stigma around it … and we hope to do our part to create safer tools for them; and also to destigmatize the plant and the athletes that are use them in sports.

“This industry is crowded and a bit confusing. Summer is very young. The hemp industry – the farm bill was only approved in 2018 and marijuana is not federally legal at this point, but we hope it will happen soon. . ”

To learn more about Mendi check out the website here and watch the full interview with Rachael Rapinoe on NBCSNW’s The Bridge this Monday, August 16 at 6:00 pm PT.