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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2021 / – Originally from India, yoga has become a mainstay of Western culture, with nearly 80 million people practicing yoga in the United States alone.

Combining breathing, meditation and movement with physical postures, yoga offers an opportunity for healing and physical and emotional growth. And with so many proven health benefits, it’s really good for almost everyone.

Yoga attractions are the perfect way to take a break that balances travel and adventure along with relaxation and well-being. Designed to help you reset, release, deepen your practice, set goals, adventure, find community and more.

Respected yoga teacher Nicole Griffin is proud to announce a new eight-day attraction of yoga and culture divided between the two continents and traversing the inimitable city of Istanbul and beyond the turquoise coast. Withdrawal lasts from Friday, May 20, to Saturday, May 28, 2022.

A unique opportunity to gather together in a deliberate presence in some of the most transformative environments on the planet, guests will be surrounded by natural beauty, spinning on purposeful energy, in a haven of peace, yoga practice, conversation and celebration .

Nicole Griffin believes that developing the ability to stay calm and focused empowers us to step out of our comfort zone and welcome adventure and expansion. Her yoga attractions emphasize meaningful cultural immersion and guided travel. The yoga practices and awareness she shares provide the terrain to explore how to lift our yoga off the floor and into the world around us. All of Nicole’s attractions turn to local charities that empower women and girls. She has lived and studied abroad in Turkey, Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon and works at Calm as a behavioral health trainer.

It also does not hurt that Nicole attractions are set in some of the most startling places in the globe.

Turkey Yoga & Culture Attraction: 20-28 May 2022
Yoga attraction in Turkey is a perfect balance of old and new, diving and relaxation, and city and nature. Daily movements and practices of consciousness will support bodies and minds so that guests can travel deeper, explore more, and leave nourished and inspired. Turkey’s withdrawal begins in the inimitable city of Istanbul, the only capital in the world divided between two continents. To book, visit

The journey begins with an immersion in ancient Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Istanbul. Along the way, guests will go shopping, sail on the Bosphorus at sunset and enjoy delicious Turkish food and holidays for Turkish coffee and tea (and Turkish baklava and sweets, of course). Visitors will also visit local artisans and enjoy a stroll off the beaten path to see some lesser-known, hidden Turkish jewels. On the last day in Istanbul, guests will visit Mor Çatı, a local charity that supports survivors of domestic violence in Turkey. Proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 is required to book this trip.

Turquoise shore
Next, guests will fly south to Dalaman and spend four days on the magnificent Turkish coast. Here, they will have plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate or have free time for extra activities. The group will spend one day visiting the stunning Butterfly Valley in a traditional Turkish gulet and another day visiting the magnificent Greek and Byzantine ruins and capturing the fantastic view from the top of Baba Mountain.

Daily yoga sessions are scheduled throughout the retreat. Morning sessions include conscious movement and brief meditations, and evening sessions will consist of restorative yin and yoga. While a basic level of yoga is helpful, all sessions are suitable for all levels of experience. Morning yoga sessions will take place between 7-9 in the morning, depending on the daily itinerary.

• Tours in the Old Town (Sultanahmet), including Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Cisterns and inshallah, the Blue Mosque (if renovations are completed)
• Additional tours to Galata Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque and Chora Museum
• A visit to the Grand Bazaar for shopping
• A private yacht tour along the Bosphorus at sunset
• A special dinner overlooking the Bosphorus
• A traditional Turkish breakfast
• A visit to Mor Cati, a local charity to learn and support their work
• A visit to a glass artist studio in Camhane
• A walk off the beaten path to get the beautiful traditional architecture of the Fener and Balat neighborhoods.
• An all-day boat cruise along the Turkish coast and the Butterfly Valley
• A tour of the ancient Lycian village, Kayaköy, and an excursion to see the view from the top of Baba Mountain.
• Free time on the coast to relax, walk or swim

A trip to Turkey would not be complete without a visit to the unique region of Cappadocia. Known for its unique “chimneys”, underground cities and the enchanting terrain of the lunar landscape, its charm and curiosity should not be lost. During our four-day stay in Cappadocia, guests will visit UNESCO heritage sites, learn about the region’s ancient history and early Christianity, practice yoga on a scenic outdoor deck, appreciate local food and crafts, and will get an inspirational (and optional)) early morning hot air balloon ride.

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