Ashley Martin from East Pikeland Township was diagnosed with a health condition in 2017 that woke her up in a different way to look at her health and that of her three young sons and her husband.

“I learned the importance of supporting the body from within,” Martin said.

When it came time to ask for a multivitamin for her children to make sure they were getting all the nutrients they needed because of their hearty eating, she explored options that matched the newly found way she wanted to direct the nutritional aspects of her family.

“We are the keepers of our house and we can control the products we bring into it,” she said.

Ashley Martin with her husband and their three sons. (Courtesy photo by Ashley Martin)

Through research, Martin came across a chewy nutritional supplement for kids with lots of nutrients from Young Living. Available only online, she addressed her interest in a vitamin-based complete diet versus synthetics.

“Colorless, sugar-free curd is made from whole foods,” she said. “I researched and really liked their practices – they farm in soil that has not been affected by pesticides in over 50 years.”

Beyond vitamins, Martin gets cleansing supplies, essential oils and cosmetics from Young Living.

Martin, who is a teaching coach by profession, loved Young Living’s ‘clean living’ philosophy so much that she is now a brand ambassador for them. She said she enjoys the opportunity it gives her to help others on their well-being journey.

“I like to help others achieve their well-being goals – especially mothers,” she said. “As a teacher I want people to be aware of the ingredients they are bringing home and how it affects their children.”

Lori Gerberick, head of pharmacy at Kimberton Whole Foods in Douglassville, is also a mother of three who has chosen a complete food-based vitamin amid the sea of ​​vitamin offers available at the grocery store.

Mightyvites by Young Living, a multi-nutrient supplement for children.

“My kids are older and can swallow tablets and capsules,” Gerberick said. “My daughter is 17 years old and gets a woman’s multi (with Megafood), however, my two sons both get MegaFood Kids One Daily multi,” she said. “It’s a small one-day tablet. We have been getting this for many years. “

Gerberick explained the difference between a complete diet-based vitamin and a synthetic vitamin.

“Whole-food-based vitamins provide food-derived vitamins rather than an isolated nutrient created in a laboratory,” she said. “It is more easily absorbed by the body, as it is a food, and thus provides a greater use of the vitamin by the body.”

She said you can usually find the food source listed next to the list of vitamins in the container.

“Complete food vitamins also often provide fruits and vegetables in addition to vitamins and minerals,” she said.

A selection of multivitamins for children from Kimberton Whole Foods in Douglassville.

In addition to vitamins based on whole foods, Kimberton Whole Foods offers a great variety from which to choose for children ranging in age from infants to teens.

“We sell gum vitamins, chewable butter and liquid vitamins for babies,” Gerberick said. “We also carry a vitamin powder for children and we have one that has small tablets to swallow.”

For kids who prefer a donkey version, Gerberick gives a piece of advice to parents who are concerned about their potential to cause dental problems.

“Rubber vitamins have had such an explosion in recent years that there are basically tire options in every category,” she said. “I think parents who do not want gum vitamins have other options, such as tassels for chewing and even powder. Encouraging good dental hygiene after taking gum vitamins is the best practice of course. ‘

Gerberick divided their best-selling vitamins into different categories.

Sugar-free rubber multivitamin options for kids from Kimberton Whole Foods.

“The most popular gum vitamins we sell here in Douglassville are Nordic Naturals gum-they are very tasty and I like that they offer a variety of zero sugar,” she said, adding how Smarty Pants and Rainbow Light are brands that offer teen tires that are very popular in their store. “The chewable butters we offer are the most popular are Garden of Life and Nature’s Plus.”

Gerberick gives her children vitamins all year round and sometimes adds a boost.

“In the winter months, we sometimes add vitamin C and D supplements and other supplements to boost immunity,” she said.

Gum versions of multivitamins for children have grown in popularity in recent years.

Gerberick said she has always given multivitamins to her children to cover what they do not get from their food, so they find it easy to take them systematically.

“It’s just a part of our lives, so it’s basically second nature to our home,” she said.

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