Caroline Golmic has seen the benefits of natural health first hand.

Caroline observed her husband, Scott, transforming physically, mentally and emotionally from a man determined by his diagnosis to a young man – one who is asymptomatic and without medication.

“My interest began with watching my husband’s epic journey of recovery. “He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1997 and has been on dozens of medications for almost two decades,” Golmic said.

His transformation, according to Golmic, came after he worked with a naturopath. Watching her husband heal naturally helped Caroline realize the benefits of and see another path to a healthier life.

“I believe there are three steps towards the healing process. Pray and believe in healing, commit to radical life changes, and share your diagnosis, ”she said.

Golmic with her son and husband, Scott. Photo by Elisabeth Dorosh

This belief has led Caroline to seek to help others on their health journeys. She completed her CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) certification through the Trinity School of Natural Health in September and in January opened the doors to her Terrain Natural Health facility located at 302 Petain Street in Ellwood City.

Natural field health is an alternative and holistic health practice with a mission to empower and equip clients to take control of their health by focusing on the fundamentals, supplementing when needed and understanding that overall health is a trifecta : body, mind and soul.

Golmic said she has been studying holistic health for a while now.

“After years of learning informally about the link between our gut health and brain health, the importance of our microbiome and the negative impact of inflammation on the body, I decided to take the next step and pursue a formal education,” she said.

Golmic, a Lincoln High School graduate of Robert Morris University, is also continuing to become a Board Certified Naturopath.

A native of Ellwood City and mother of a 2-year-old son, Golmic lives in Ewing Park and bases her business on three core beliefs:

  • You are well done. The Creator of the universe also created you.
  • You do not have to be a prisoner in your own body, be determined by your diagnosis, or be afraid of your genes.
  • You need to play an active role in your healthcare.

“I work with clients to delve deeper into their health history and current lifestyle,” Golmic said. “We will address the symptoms, but more importantly, we will pursue the root cause of their health concerns.”

Golmic said each person’s journey is different and said her role is to be a guiding force in helping her clients empower themselves.

Caroline Golmic completed her CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) certification through the Trinity School of Natural Health in September and in January opened the doors to her Terrain Natural Health facility located at 302 Petain Street in Ellwood City. Photo by Elisabeth Dorosh

“Importers it is important to note, my role is not to diagnose, cure or encourage clients to stop taking prescription drugs,” she said. “My role is to educate and equip clients to support their bodies in a way that will allow them to function as they are created.”

Golmic said each person is an individual and will take an individualized plan. Although the initial reception may be the same for everyone, the recommendations are not cookie cutters. A typical consultation will consist of the main reasons for their visit, discussions on health history such as medication, current supplements, and any medical diagnosis; and they will talk about lifestyle items such as water intake, food intake, sleep, waste disposal patterns, movement, health history, etc. Golmic said a urine and saliva sample was collected to test for pH and a biofeedback scan is performed.

“PH analysis can show how well a customer digests and assimilates food,” Golmic said. “You can still be malnourished if you eat but do not assimilate nutrients. We work to balance these numbers and often the client will know when their numbers are balanced based on their energy level. ”

After Golmic gathers and analyzes the information, she then puts together a plan for the client and requests a follow-up between two weeks and a month from the initial consultation to see how the client plan is working.

“During the initial and follow-up consultation, we will work to restore and prepare the client’s body for its journey to health, remove toxins that have accumulated in their system, and rebuild and maintain a healthy (internal) environment. environment), ”said Golmic.

Once a plan is started and the pursuits are completed, clients can return as they wish to keep their way to health.

“Some clients like accountability and will come back every month even after their issues are resolved,” Golmic said. “It really depends on the needs of the client. I would suggest at least one follow-up once every three months to stay active. ”

Golmic has one chiropractor in place each month and will add an Infrared Sauna to Terrain Natural Health in early spring.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit the Terrain Natural Health website or call 724-201-2062. You can also follow Terrain Natural Health on Facebook.

“I want to remind those inside and around our community that they are well done. “People are not incarcerated for their bodies and they can choose to play an active role in their health care,” she said.