In a recent Euromonitor International webinar, firm analysts uncover the results of global consumer surveys looking at how the pandemic has affected consumer perceptions and shopping habits regarding health, food and supplements.

Matt Oster, head of consumer health at Euromonitor, points out that in the voice of the industry survey firm COVID-19 (April / July / October 2020), consumers were asked how they think buying and spending habits will change as a result i pandemi. The consensus view was that interest in health and wellness-related products – of which vitamins and supplements are among the most prominent – would have considerable staying power.

“I think this expectation is intuitive and I think OTC companies need to consider,” Says Oster. “COVID has left an incomparable impression on consumer behavior, so many of the trends purchased by COVID are likely to remain at least for the short term.

“Among these trends are the shift towards products focused on prevention and immunity, and the longer the focus remains on immunity in 2021, the more likely it is that these will remain a permanent interest in the future.”

The latest Euromonitor Health and Nutrition Survey, conducted in January and February 2021, saw an overall increase in reported use of these products, Oster says.

Overall, 31% of consumers stated that they use vitamins and dietary supplements every day or almost every day in 2021, compared to 26% in 2020 before the pandemic and 24% in 2019. The countries that saw the biggest jumps in the number of users were United Kingdom (41%, by 33%) and USA (53%, by 45%).