Maryland football missed a stylist last week, Mo Kite, due to a toe last week. And two other beginners Sam Okuayinonu AND Ami Finau, lost practice earlier this week. But it sounds like they are all good to go to the Terps game against Kent State this Saturday.

“They are fine. They are fine. Sam was a little under the weather that day. So he was inside. And Ami was coming, had an appointment with the doctor. But they both practiced on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will both be in available along with Mo Kite this week as well, “Locksley said Thursday.

This is good news for a much improved defensive front. Porous in recent years, the Maryland defense is allowing the fourth-smallest yards per game in the Big Ten, and has the second most numerous bags.

“I think like I said last year, one of the things that happened, and it would have been in the second half of the game move to Minnesota, I thought we started doing a better job of stopping running because we got a commitment. “We loaded the box on the men. We loaded the box up, added extra security there, found that we had a talented second that could play the men ‘s cover. And let us do that,” Locksley said.

“And so what I think you see now as we build on it, obviously, you have Mo. [Kite] and Ami [Finau], who are both one year further into our program. They both came as new college players a year ago, where they did not necessarily get full conditioning and training off-season. “And so I think you’ve started to see the fruits of those guys going through a full season of how we train and fix our boys and they both play well.”

There have also been some previously unknown defense members who have influenced.

“We’ve added depth to the seven fronts. But you see new players like Darrell Jackson there, Greg Rose, really came to us and added great depth. As I said before, the guy I think added a lot of value because he was able to add that extra year, Sam Okuayinonu … Who has played really well for us, along with Lawtez Rogers“, Said Locksley.

More from Locksley:

asset Jeshaun Jones“Now, you know, he had a knee injury two years ago when I first came here. Last year with a shortened season, you know, it still takes a full year to a year of half to feel comfortable.You know, he started a little slow this year, he lost a lot of work and training camp, he had a heel injury that prevented him from being able to practice.So he did not play that game much first. But what you “See is what we think he is very capable of doing. You know, he could easily be our number one son. He is probably one of the best natural road runners we have. He plays with a physics in the running game that I just love. Of course, we have to clean up where we can not take the 15-meter penalties like you did last year, understanding the new rules. But you know, he’s one of those guys who I think has a chance to play in the next level match. As he continues to develop. He started developing chemistry with the quarterback. “And he’s a guy we get into a game with, say, hey, how do we find ways to get that ball the way we do with Demus, the way we do with Rakim.”

If there is any benefit to having a movie from Iowa-Kent: “Yeah, it really doesn’t happen because when we study it, I know we studied Kent State defense with me working on the offense and what we do in attack compared to what Iowa does are a little different. So we we study the structure of our opponent we are playing, we study how they want to form an alliance we study There are tendencies and not necessarily look at the opponent.Now the only thing that would jump up I know I always ask when I start studying defense, are people getting big games against them? Because what I found as a coach, you know, when people are able to have consistency with big shows, you look to see, is there a scheme? Or is there an issue staff why Kent State gave up the big show? And if it’s a scheme issue, we see, hey, we do some of them, how do we get that call to make sure they fixed it, or they fix it their problems? And as I tell our coaches, if market oni that you can not hit the backbone in baseball, guess what? You will see, on the field, curveball. So we study some of the things other people do that attacked or hurt our opponent. But we really do not spend time saying how to take a look at Iowa offense right here, in terms of preparing for next week, because we really study the opposite sides of the ball more than we do. the opponent you are “playing”.

For Taulia Tagovailoa upgrades from last year“I do not agree that he fought last year, I mean, he threw some eavesdropping. But as I told you, you look back at Indiana’s game a year ago, which was for us as coaches, I included him, you know, he’s a guy who because of his athleticism, and you know, I think that game, we had three main lanes.And they were playing with seven covers, so that everyone was covered twice, and we had no discount for him.And so for me, it was not very smart for me as the guy who helps direct this work.And I did the correction.So he is a guy that each of his shows should have checks and places to go.I call him, he should have a starting point and an ending point with every game we run, and you should give them a finishing point.And I think what see now is it again, he’s the eighth game, i think he will come in and this is the beginning number eight for him as a starter. to say, you will improve when you play. This is what I try to tell you guys, we are playing a lot of you g guys, they will only improve with each game because of the experience of going through some of the learning curves. And then I hate to see him eavesdropping. I hate to see us, you know, play bone games, but sometimes the only time you learn from her is by failure. “And I think he really got a lot out of last season, a level of comfort he has in our attack.”

“I have to give great credit to coach Enos, he has done an extraordinary job eliminating the color gray from his readings. You know, he’m one of those guys who works best when you say, ‘The key to your movement. is free security. If he does, throw here, if he does, throw there. And if not, go to your progress. Is he open? Is he open? Is he open? ‘And so we really just worked, we worked, we worked and I think he has a level of comfort, the kind of training and what we are asking them to do. But many of them are because of the time he spent on the program. And having an off season. Again, a year ago, he did not have spring ball a year ago, we did not have summer camp, where we went two days a day and had meetings all I mean, we were magnifying and one practice a day and you you know, share all the time. So I just think it’s a lot of everything. “

Why is it so important for players to come back for games“A little different for me, because like I said, I’ve trained and recruited almost all of them. You know, after spending time here since 1997. And then and then, a kind of fanboy of those I did not “coach, you know, when I was here in the mid ’80s as a Terps fan … So for me, I just think as a coach, you have to embrace the fact that the history of this program is built on those guys, and I’m a big guy in the family, big in open door politics. You know, this fraternity or this lineage of players coming here, something that transcends time. If you played here in the 60s, you are still somewhat attached to a guy who plays now because you have represented this wonderful country. So I’m a big believer in, you know, able to show what our past has been able to do and achieve in living with or without football. And it’s great again, as a kind of way to show our current players, e.g., we now also have some successful guys. And I think that also helps with recruitment, when you look and see Stefon Diggs on the side for a game and then you got a host of recruits in the stands and they say man, he must have really enjoyed his time. So on. I have been in relationships with many of these guys for the time being here for 14 seasons. And I hope we can continue to do that. “