Competition seems natural to Micah Hauser.

“I’ve had to compete against the biggest kids of my life,” the Westfield High senior explained. “It always has to do with finding a way out of the competition, even when you are at a disadvantage.

“Coming from a family of 10, I ran to the dinner table and occasionally witnessed a Scrabble family game table flip. I like hot competition all the time, that’s why I don’t want to never get off the field. “

This has been quite clear during the 2021’s 6 foot and 190 pound back defense campaign.

Helping the Shamrocks reach the Class 6A state championship game for the second year in a row, Hauser has run 173 times for 1252 yards with 23 shots, caught 11 assists for 147 yards with two scores and recorded a total of 116 three-pointers. eavesdropping and a vague recovery.

After deciding for a state runner-up a year ago, Hauser hopes to end his stylish high school career when Nr. 2 Westfield (12-1) face top defending and state defending Center Grove (13-0) on Saturday, Nov. 27 in a rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“There is no one else I would prefer to play,” said Hauser, who suffered a 38-14 loss to the Trojans in last year’s final. “I want nothing more than the best competition available, and Center Grove coach Eric Moore and his program have proven to be just that. We look forward to the challenge.”

Racing on both ends of the net is unusual for players in larger programs, but Hauser is an exception to this theory by doing a lot of activities to prepare for all challenges.

“You mean in addition to a lot of protein jokes, ibuprofen and napping?” joked Hauser. “Honestly, after two surgeries right after last season, my first priority was definitely my health. Then, after I got back to 100 percent earlier this season, speed was my main focus. A mix of explosive work with the coach strength. -Football player at the United States Air Force Academy) caused my speed to increase dramatically in a short span of time.

“This off-season, a group of teammates and I planned training outside of our regular promotion schedule, where we competed in every aspect of our training and pushed each other to our full potential.

“However, it ‘s not just about being physically and mentally tough. It’ s also about caring for my teammates. They’re putting it all in line for me, and I’m doing the same for them. “I had to compete against the older ones. Children all my life. It’s always about finding a way out of the competition, even when you are at a disadvantage.”

Ever since he took a look at Hauser as a first year student, Westfield Jake Gilbert believed he had the potential to be a special performer.

“Micah is the best player I have ever coached,” said Gilbert. “He can do everything on a football field. He runs, blocks, touches, catches and plays with special teams. Micah is an elite competitor. We have seen him do so many amazing things that we are not even surprised anymore. .

“Off the field, he has been a modest superstar. Micah always has time for others and is one of the guys in the locker rooms. He leads at the right moments and has a big impact on our program. Micah has changed the trajectory of our game. program forever. “

Hauser also has plenty of praise for his boss.

“Westfield is not just a high school team. It is a whole program,” Hauser explained. “Coach Gilbert started with us in the second grade and knew everyone by name, rank, position, and he still does to this day. Most people only see Coach Gilbert on the pitch, but I have had the pleasure of spend time with him even off the field.

“He is a good man as much as he is a football coach, and that resonates with all the coaching staff. He does not care about a certain football team. He has created a football family.”

Coach Moore also had some praise saying Hauser was “one of the most accomplished footballers in the state of Indiana”.

“I am very grateful for the kind words from someone who has trained a lot of high-caliber players,” Hauser said. “When Coach Gilbert arrived at our program, I felt like he wanted to reflect on the success that Coach Moore has achieved as he has done. built a football dynasty.

“However, we want our dynasty at Westfield. The state game highlights great players, but I think this game, in particular, highlights the two best coaching staffs in Indiana.”

Taking the opportunity to compete with his “football family” one last time is something that Hauser surely looks forward to this coming weekend for Thanksgiving.

“I played with this group of boys for as long as I can remember.” reminded Hauser. “We have always worked well together as a team and our chemistry has been there from the beginning. That chemistry is present both on and off the field. It would be impossible to mention all the appreciation and talents of this team.

“What makes us unique is that we work better as a unit than as individuals. This group went undefeated in their high school years, then when I played in university in my first and second year, my teammates went “Almost undefeated (a loss) as first and young students. university The same players are the foundation of the states we have had the last two years. The bottom line is that I love these guys. It’s a total team effort.”

Before moving on to the next level, Hauser and company initially have some unfinished business to perform.

“We made a promise to our coach, Mark Robinson, in fifth and sixth grade, that we would win it all when we were high school seniors,” recalls Hauser, who has received some interest from State University. of Indiana. “He is no longer with us, but as a class, he served as a father to us and we have played for him ever since.

“As much as it hurts, it also motivates us to play for other valuable members of our football family like coach (Marc) Krieg and Jeannelle Rooney, who both died this year. We want to win in their honor. For t “Making them proud means the world to us. It is a privilege to play for them.”

I imagine they will all cheer for Micah and Shamrocks from above on Saturday.