The Seahawks lead Jody Allen after raising the 12th flag shortly before the start of the team game against the Los Angeles Rams on October 3, 2019, at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

The Seahawks lead Jody Allen after raising the 12th flag shortly before the start of the team game against the Los Angeles Rams on October 3, 2019, at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Jody Allen recently held a mid-season meeting with Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

On Sunday, she would be back up the Lumen Field, watching her Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals.

Seahawks fans and many around the Northwest Pacific have wondered how involved Jody Allen is in Seahawks football operations. She became the owner of the team during the 2018 season, when her brother and Seahawks owner Paul Allen died of cancer at the age of 65.

Jody Allen is the president of the Seahawks, president of Vulcan, Inc. and trustee of Paul G. Allen. She participates in Seahawks home games and many street games, watching from a suite.

She recently chaired a mid-season meeting with Carroll, the Seahawks coach, executive vice president and top football authority, plus general manager John Schneider. They discussed the state of the 3-6 Seahawks.

On Friday, Carroll, 70, stressed how normal that meeting with Jody Allen was – that it was by no means extraordinary or a reaction to the team that has advanced to the playoffs eight of the last nine years being in last place after the middle of this season.

Asked what he had heard from Allen, Carroll said: “We communicate. She really communicates a lot through John, for the most part. Send messages occasionally and talk occasionally.

“We had our meeting in the middle of the year, as always. Quite normal.

“It is normal.”

Then it will be normal.

Normal has so far meant Carroll at the helm, with Schneider’s path co-leading the team in step with that of the coach.

It also means Carroll’s daily and routine interactions with ownership that lie directly with Bert Kolde. Kolde is Jody Allen right arm. He is the team vice president and executive vice president of strategy and sports operations for Vulcan, Inc.

Vulcan is a Seattle-based company, Paul Allen, established to oversee its business activities and philanthropic endeavors. After he started his personal computer and founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, Paul Allen eventually spent $ 2 billion of his massive fortune (estimated by Forbes at $ 20 billion in 2017) on philanthropic causes.

Kolde is in the Seahawks locker room and watches the press conference of Carroll, Russell Wilson and others after matches, at home and away. A week after Paul Allen’s death in 2018, Carroll said Kolde is the man he talks to about ownership issues and interests. Kolde was the one for Carroll when Paul Allen owned the team, too.

Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen celebrates after the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football match against Denver Broncos on Sunday, February 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, NJ The Seahawks won 43-8. Mark Humphrey AP

In December 2018, two months after Paul Allen’s death, Jody Allen announced that the Seahawks had given Carroll a two-year contract extension believed to be worth $ 11 million a year until 2021. This married Carroll’s contract ending with Schneider. In 2016, Paul Allen had given GM a five-year extension until 2021.

In November 2020, Carroll admitted that Allen had quietly extended the coach’s contract again, until 2025. Carroll is under the Seahawks contract to train them after his 74th birthday. That would make him the oldest coach in NFL history.

“For a gesture like this by Jody Allen and the organization, and all, at a time when everyone is struggling and suffering and everything – I mean, is something that has been at work for a long time,” Carroll told November 2020, amid the pandemic and a turbulent presidential election in the United States. “We have talked long ago about all the issues that have happened (in our country). So he finally joined. “

The oldest full-time coaches in NFL history are George Halas and Marv Levy. Both were trained until the age of 72. Carroll will be 74 at the end of his new deal.

Two months after Carroll spoke out about the deal, the Seahawks announced they had given Schneider a six-year extension. This has GM under contract with Seattle through the NFL 2027 draft.

On October 15, 2018, Jody Allen became the president of the Seahawks and the trust administrator of the Paul G. Allen Trust. She oversees the wealth left to her by her brother. There are various interests and pursuits, from deep sea exploration to extensive collections of art and music, to a space exploration company and more.

The Trust owns the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. This also makes Jody Allen the Blazers chair.

The NFL requires team owners to have a formal continuity plan in the league file, but the NFL has refused to describe what it was like for Allen and his Seahawks.

After Paul Allen’s death, many began to speculate that his sister and estate would be sold to the Seahawks as part of that successor plan. But the team unveiled the immediate succession plan for Seahawks ownership when it confirmed that Paul G. Allen Trust was the team owner and its administrator Jody Allen was the chairman of the Seahawks.

The Seahawks were a small part of everything Allen did and owned. Any future sale, if Jody Allen or the trustees decide this (and there are no indications of this at present), will not happen until attorneys review all aspects and possessions of Paul Allen’s estate. Given all his various international interests, philanthropy and formal ventures, such a review of all his wealth could take years.

For example: The Allen Institute for Brain Science is in Seattle’s downtown South Lake Union section, it was largely revitalized, before Amazon got there. It serves scientists, researchers and thus people in everyday life for generations. Allen spent $ 100 million to start his Brain Science Institute in 2015.

Allen also funded advances in ocean health, conservation of wildlife and natural resources, finding solutions to global warming, and new ways of launching air satellites into space.

As part of the multi-year asset review, Allen space company Stratolaunch Systems Corp. was sold in October 2019.

Paul Allen looks at a model for his project, Stratolaunch Systems, in his plans to enter Space Transport in 2011. Kevin P. Casey Bloomberg file photo

Jody Allen has done more in sports lately than following the Seahawks and leading a meeting with Carroll and Schneider. She has been busier with Trail Blazers than she would like to be.

Last week, she and the Blazers announced that they had launched an investigation into general manager Neil Olshey’s conduct at work. In a statement, the NBA team said it was examining “concerns about the workplace environment from non-player staff at the practice facility”.

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