Luke Coutinho tells the City Times about the importance of integrative health.

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By Husain Rizviu

Published: Sun 14 November 2021, time 11:25

Noting how the top names in the corporate world were more prone to disease, obesity and other lifestyle ailments was an epiphany for Luke Coutinho, a holistic lifestyle coach whose simple mantra to listen to his body and cultivating consciousness helped transform his lifestyle.

“Fitness was just a point in the box – a yoga class with a trainer, annual check-ups, sessions with fitness trainers, etc. There was no focus on lifestyle,” Luke recalls in a conversation with. City Times. “When I noticed this, it just didn’t make sense to me. I identified this huge gap and worked in this area to fill that gap. That’s how I got into lifestyle medicine. “

Many years and success stories later, Luke is now a holistic and award-winning holistic lifestyle coach and a holistic nutritionist practicing in India and abroad. His food and lifestyle efforts earned him the “Best in the Industry – Nutritionist” label from Vogue in 2018, along with many other estimates.

We talk to Luke to learn about his journey and the importance of recovering our health in an integrative way.

Why, in your opinion, is there a need to regain our health in an integrative way?

We believe that lifestyle disease, chronic disease, and suffering should not depend solely on alopecia and can be reduced and improved by changing lifestyles, respecting bio-individuality, and addressing the root causes. And, that is what integrative medicine teaches and believes as well.

While allopathy can save lives and is needed when needed, it is equally important, if not more important, to invest in preventing and treating the human body and mind with healthy lifestyle changes that holistically support health. and well-being.

We believe that people can improve when we integrate the best of everything required to bring about recovery and reduction of suffering, which can be, for example, alopecia, food, movement, quality sleep, emotional well-being, other alternative forms . medicine if it does not cause harm and adapts to the patient, including the environment because healing also depends on it.

That is why we do what we do. Integrating the best of the best, keeping the patient in the center and recovering or even improving their health is our only goal.

Why is an unhealthy lifestyle becoming so common in today’s world?

Immediate pleasure. We live in a world where everyone needs everything instantly and easily – be it food, pleasure, comfort or success. It is the curse of society. It teaches us that we can gain something for nothing. And while it is a natural human desire to avoid pain and seek pleasure, it is a problem when it begins to control and dictate to us. And that has plagued almost everyone.

We need to learn how to relax and practice patience. We need to base ourselves so that we do not fall victim to instant gratification and start making decisions keeping in mind the broader picture.

Today, we can be really busy and fast food take care of this while saving time and effort involved in cooking food, but what will we gain from it in the long run? Think and reflect. We all know the answers.

How can you simply enable, regulate, and direct the human body that “repairs itself?”

You can cook the best dough, but if the oven environment is poor, humid or has the wrong temperature, then the bread will not bake and will not rise. Similarly, you can have the best medicines and conventional treatments, diet, exercise programs, excellent sleep, strong emotional health, fancy organic superfoods, but what is important to do all of these to function is the environment, external and internal.

The external environment is what surrounds man, which includes air, pollution, sunlight, weather, etc. Then, there is the internal environment of the body. What if it is too acidic? What if it’s too alkaline? What if there is low vitality and energy? What if the immune system is weak? What if cognitive health is poor? What if it has a poor digestive capacity and an incomplete microbiome?

Imagine giving a person the best of all medicines and lifestyle changes, but putting them in an environment that is toxic, unhealthy, polluted, unsupportive, lonely and damp. The person will not be cured, but rather, will only get worse.

The human body was created to repair and heal itself. It only needs the right kind of indoor and outdoor environment for the body’s intelligence to get inside. And, that’s what we work for. Approximation of the internal and external environment and making it conducive to healing.

As a holistic lifestyle coach, how do you treat a client?

My team and I like to spend a lot of time understanding the patient as a whole and breaking down his condition into its roots and finding possible connections between their lifestyle and illness.

This also includes taking a note of their casual history, medical reports, lifestyle, emotions, including those with deep roots, their prospects, childhood, genetic predisposition, ethnicity, region and every single aspect that affects their lives and health.

This is why our first interaction or consultation with them is essential as it forms the foundation of the strategy we create for them that revolves around 4 pillars – nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional well-being.

Based on the client’s case and the posting of this assessment, we select the appropriate members from our integration team who work alongside the patient. For example: if the issue is deeply rooted in emotions and a difficult childhood, then just working with a nutritionist and following diet plans will not help. We should also use an emotional counselor or life coaching. Similarly, if it is a diabetic condition, then along with nutrition, we also include doctors and yoga experts, so that all of them can work together in sync with the client to improve their health.

How has the pandemic affected your training?

Most importantly, I lack physical contact with my patients. In the line of integrative medicine and lifestyle, I like to see my patients and closely observe the physical aspects that imply health like – the quality of their skin and hair, the warmth of their skin, body language, where the body of their has accumulated more fat, eyes, oral health and so on.

While all of this can still be seen online, but it is more powerful when done in person. I am also a big believer in energies and the physical presence of a doctor or dietitian allows for an exchange of energies that can benefit a patient.

In addition, it did not affect us much. It has helped us expand our reach and presence and enabled people to use technology to take care of their health.

What has been your most difficult challenge so far?

The most difficult challenge has been changing the wrong attitude of people and working with them about it so that they can recover. Sometimes just correcting it is needed to improve health.

Ego, pride and wrong attitudes can be so strong that it gets in the way of healing and becomes an obstacle.

What is the mantra to lead a healthy life?

The mantra is to keep it simple, always. The body is unique and so every day is different and so are its needs. Today your body may need more carbohydrates and tomorrow maybe less, so you need to find out what works for them.

Listening to your body and cultivating consciousness is my greatest mantra. If you are conscious, you know exactly what your body needs and it makes it easier to live a healthy life.