If you have ever had to keep your nose down by drinking a chalk protein or forcing yourself to remember to take a supplement, Heather Thomson is here to help.

You see, she agrees that, for the most part, the “welfare industry” (and it all sells) is nonsense. And that’s exactly why she got into it.

Fashion designer, entrepreneur and Real New York housewives alum is the co-founder of Beyond Fresh, an organic superfood brand that combines holistic knowledge with scientific research to make controlling your health easier than ever. Since she is also a healthy nutrition nutrition integrator, we will say that she knows what she is talking about.

“[The idea behind Beyond Fresh] it was really about clean, healthy, clean, quality food, delicious to eat and accessible to all. I really felt like there was a white space there, so overcrowded that you could say it is the ‘supplements’ space. But I think it is more confusing than overcrowded. There are so many mixed messages and so much propaganda out there that people are really trying to do the right thing [in regards to their health] they are often confused with too many promises or quick fixes or magic pills, “she says.

Propaganda there really leads us in the direction of trends and what is good for big industry and not necessarily what is honest and what is good for Americans and American families. Like “Gluten Free”. “It’s a whole new classification for the food industry. Foods that say ‘gluten-free’ are sold that have no gluten anyway. This is just one example.”

In an effort to traverse all of BS, Heather applied the knowledge she had gained on her health journey to create an extra line that is as straightforward as she is.

“Through my studies I have learned that there is only one ‘diet’ – even if you want to call it that – where there is no negative attribute: a complete diet, a plant-based diet. The reason why [Beyond Fresh] is plant-based is that plants are good for you – and they are good for the planet. People do not understand simple facts like, yes, you can get protein from plants! “

And the product line really makes it simple. From Shake Amazing all-in-one (packed with 15 grams of plant proteins rich in amino acids, natural carbohydrates, probiotics, prebiotics, healthy fatty acids and a blend of 23 vitamins and minerals) to green and red superfood blends , Products beyond Fresh stars address specific concerns such as gut or heart health, while providing general Wellness support to help you feel and be your best.

Most importantly – everything is actually so delicious. Amazing Shake tastes like a vanilla latte, and chewing fruits and vegetables packaged with probiotics is like what we want Starbursts to taste. The latest brand innovation? Turning their already very tasty apple cider vinegar into good gum for you. When I tell Heather I should stop feeding myself fists at the same time, she is definitely pleased.

“The number one thing was that [everything] it had to taste good. You have to like it. It has to be delicious, you have to wait to eat it, drink it, take it. If it gets heavy or feels like a task, it is not sustainable. “

So in the middle of her fabulous life, how does Heather hold her it enduring habits?

“It ‘s really about being honest and in touch with myself. I know when I’m overdoing it, and instead of beating myself up about it, I go with it until I know it’ s time to strike a balance or a change.Like vacations for example – I do not limit myself.Or if I know my girlfriends are coming for the weekend, I do not limit myself.But I know that the day they leave I will start my routine again.I think “Allowing yourself those times is important. And then as you combine the bad choices with the good ones, start making those best choices all the time.”

A Cocktail on Friday and an Amazing Shake on Monday? We could manage it.

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[Photos via Heather Thomson]