BOSTON – Jaylen Brown called his shot.

His time as the Celtics first option had not gone exactly perfectly, admitting he never seemed comfortable. There was some naturally growing pain for Brown, whose counting statistics seemed consistent, but efficiency lagged behind.

But the 25-year-old promised: “When I understand things, be careful.”

Brown surrendered just days later. He scored 50 career points in an extra 116-111 victory over the Magic on Sunday at TD Garden. He is the first to admit he was far from a pure effort, but it was the display of the note that captivated the crowd as he continued to hit the kicks as part of the comeback victory.

Brown said he did not notice he had a top career until he glanced at the scoreboard and saw 47 points near his name. When he reached 50 points after a 3-pointer – becoming the seventh Celtic to hit the elusive point – he strengthened his place in the franchise history.

“I was just aggressive, reaching the basket,” Brown said after the game. “I did not feel that those guys could stand in front of me, so I would just keep getting to the basket, being inflated by them in the first step. I looked up and I was 47 and I was like ‘heck.’ ”

Brown’s game reflected the Celtics as part of a day up and down – a day where it looked like they would leave with one of their worst losses of the season. The Magic built a 14-point lead with 4:20 remaining in the game, threatening to embarrass the home team and send them into a chorus of cheers.

It was then that Brown appeared. The Celtics went 18-4 to force extra time – and Brown’s fingerprints were on the run. He scored 14 of 18 points, and while there was a slight error in trying to win the game (leaving little time on schedule), Brown grew when the Celtics needed him more.

“We increased the pressure in the fourth quarter and made something happen, but you can’t expect to have that luck every time,” Brown said. “We had to do something. It feels good to go out with a W. “

It was far from an error-free night for Brown. The seven laps stand as part of a careless night for the Celtics as a whole. This has been a problem for Brown in recent adult use games, one he said he needs to clean up.

Cultivations reflected the Celtics’ volatile game for most of the night. As they controlled most of the first half, Boston coach Ime Udoka said the gifts allowed Magic to get back in the game. This allowed Orlando to gain momentum and while Boston had some answers, he was waiting towards another loss.

But the Celtics and Brown calmed down. Circulations decreased slowly; the shots fired were dropped. The principles Udoka preached to Brown – without much thought, play under control – shone as the All-Star took the cloak as option no. 1 of the team.

“Mine has been great,” Brown said. “Despite some bad games I had and bad readings I could have made, Ime trusted me. Put the ball in my hands to make games for myself and my friends – and I can do no more than appreciate it. “Good days and bad days, but I will continue to learn and grow.”

Brown stole the spotlight, but it was the much-needed victory that comes to the fore as the climax of a win drops. The Celtics have won consecutive games for the first time in more than a month after spending a brutal December. Schedule eased – and the Celtics are on the verge of Jayson Tatum’s return from health and safety protocols.

The Celtics can also learn from parts of the building blocks of a virus-infested virus in recent weeks. Brown’s growing pain as the main option should help alleviate some cramps. Udoka said Brown is still polishing the edges of his game – that is, the games – but the natural steps he has taken in recent weeks are a positive sign.

“Sometimes it looks very good, and sometimes it is in natural results mode and has a kind of tunnel vision,” Udoka told Brown. “So, it is an ongoing work. It is something you are who you are all your life. It will not change overnight, but we want him to grow in that area. So he is open to training, watching movies. “