Naomi Osaka, the number two player in the world, decided to withdraw from the French Open before being forced to attend press conferences, thus attributing it to psychological problems. More precisely, depression. It is characterized by the appearance of a somewhat confusing image, on the one hand, introverted and on the other hand extroverted. These contrasting faces leave the audience confused, which is why some support it and others criticize it.

Press conferences are crucial for any sport. Athletes have a fundamental responsibility to their fans and sponsors, on and off the field. People are curious about the players perspective on their game and also so that the fans can learn from the successes or losses of their hero. Athletes today are making a lot of money on approvals.

Here comes the role of coach, and a well-known coach is Gabe Jaramillo. He considers himself responsible for training young athletes to handle the press. Marketability is not talked about very often: it seems that most coaches and exercise books assume that this is a natural side effect of talent or exposure. But this is not true. Like any other skill, a player’s appeal must be constantly worked out. An athlete’s marketability is mature in every aspect of themselves: their interview skills, public speaking ability, views on current events, and so on.

Like any other Champion, Naomi is a performer and a fearless competitor. This is why many do not believe she withdrew from the French Open because she was afraid of Clay fields. She is a shy, introverted person. But her exposure to politics ruined her world. Naomi is a 21-year-old with little experience in handling the friendly tennis press; when she made mistakes, they were overlooked. But when she started competing on her profile gathering for social justice during the US Open 2020, she danced with sharks talking about politics, and that’s another league.

According to Gabe, it is admirable for an athlete to take on such a big responsibility as the Social Justice flag. However, it is a heavy burden, especially for a calm and introverted young woman, only 21 years old.

Gabe is of the opinion that all coaches are responsible for preparing their young athletes to know how to execute games and to take on commitments that are sometimes inadvertently imposed on them. This is not to say that high performance athletes need to be perfect. But, they have to accept that their decisions lead to consequences that can help or harm as they symbolize an image to be followed. Therefore, anyone aspiring to become a top level athlete should take the responsibility that this represents. The goal of a coach is not only to make champions but also to educate these promising youngsters to take on their responsibilities.

About Gabe Jaramillo

Featured as an expert commentator on ESPN, Gabe Jaramillo is a well-known tennis coach. Tennis On Demand app and YouTube channel founder Jaramillo reaches over 9 million viewers and has gathered over 108,000 followers on Facebook and 30,000 followers on his Instagram. Today, Jaramillo is also Senior Executive Vice President, Director of Tennis Training Altitude International Holdings Inc. Gabe was also part of the 16th ITF Regional Conference for South American Coaches and founder and owner of International Training Services.

In addition to being a world-class coach, Gabe is also a motivational speaker. He has spoken to various organizations such as Club Med, Discovery Channel, Propal, Neoris, Orange Economy and the Young President Organization. He also served as keynote speaker for the ITF World and Regional Conferences for the International Tennis Federation and JPTA, USPTA, RPT, PTR, CBT and FEDCOL.