Dingle leads the Rams with 34 points in her debut to take the opening title of the season

Fordham’s women’s basketball team achieved its first win of the season against Quinnipiac University (QU) on November 9, 2021. With just two seconds left in the fourth quarter, Rose Caverly, QU ’22, made a three-pointer to send the game to extra time, but a trio of Fordham players ended strongly to secure a 79-71 victory for the Rams.

The first 15 seconds of the first quarter were not starters as the larger perimeter of men’s basketball caught the attention of a referee and the game had to restart. The game resumed and the transfer of Stony Brook University Asiah Dingle, Fordham College to Rose Hill (FCRH) ’22, made its official debut at Fordham. It was an unforgettable thing.

By the end of the game, Dingle amassed 34 points, six rebounds, three assists and six steals that changed the game. Dingle held the ball and pushed for a light formation in the first 60 seconds of the game. One of Dingle’s most notable strengths was her ability to study the field while playing. This strategy was the key to Fordham’s success.

Every player on the field was a necessary asset for the team.

Anna DeWolfe, FCRH ’23, had a tough start with the shots in the game, scoring just six of the 18 goals on the field she tried, but her tactful treatment of the ball offset the battles on the shot.

Throughout the first half of the game, the Rams seemed to be completely dependent on each other – every player on the field was a necessary asset for the team.

Initially, the team moved the ball well and created scoring opportunities, but missed teams and other offensive errors damaged the team’s progress. Although this game ended successfully for Fordham, the Rams had only a 35% success rate on the field and a 34% success rate for three-pointers. But their ability to catch jumps helped the team maintain attacking strength.

Caverly, Mikala Morris, QU ’23, and Mackenzie Dewees, QU ’22, managed to hold on against Fordham and led their team to scoring with a combined total of 22 points in the second quarter.

At the end of the second quarter, the Bobcats were overtaking Fordham by eight points. But the Rams did not want to finish the quarter with the point difference approaching double digits.

With 25 seconds left in the second quarter, Kaitlyn Downey, Gabelli Business School in Rose Hill ’22, made a three-point shot to complete a six-point swing in the final 60 seconds. Fordham Pass, 30-35.

Fordham’s women’s basketball team has one feature that many teams lack: the ability to study and analyze every person on the field while playing intensively.

The third quarter started and the Rams had visibly lost contact. They were aggressive, but their game disorganized and continued to lack baskets. Dewees noticed this change in Fordham and did not seem to be bothered by the team’s natural intimidation factor as she found an opportunity to make a strong move towards the basket. Dingle, determined to make its debut match a win, found plenty of opportunities to get the ball back on the Fordham side of the field and make some necessary kicks.

Dingle’s 26th basket was the defining point of the game. She proved that the Fordham women’s basketball team has a feature that many teams lack: the ability to study and analyze every person on the field while playing intensively.

It started with DeWolfe interrupting a pass from Quinnipiac, followed by an excellent pass for Dingle. Dingle maneuvered the ball as it bounced off her teammates and Quinnipiac. Despite all the troops capturing the look in her footage, Dingle made the appearance and Fordham crossed the 10-point lead against the Bobcats. Fordham’s 10-point lead was not enough, as the team worked until the last second to realize one last shot in the quarter.

Asiah Dingle, FCRH ’22, made her Fordham debut in this game against Quinnipiac. (WITH CORTESIA I FORDHAM ATHLETICS)

Fordham’s defense began to irritate the Bobcats. The Quinnipiac players could smell victory in the air. Downey had a successful three-point shot, giving Fordham a fairly large lead for comfort. Shortly after the kick, the players ran towards the Quinnipiac field. Morris pushed Down down to the floor. Downey cheered as he landed on the floor as this aggressive move gave Fordham possession of the ball once more.

Both teams worked hard in the last quarter, but with the final score 65-65, the match went into extra time. The Rams came out of a pile of squads with smiles on their faces and began to make up for all the shots missed during the game. In overtime, Kendell Heremaia, Fordham Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ’22, especially redeemed himself after multiple losses. She got a pass from DeWolfe, stepping down from the back gate and scoring the necessary score.

Quinnipiac’s foul on Fordham was a great assist for Fordham to win this game. Fordham won six chances on free kicks due to fouls. The end result of the game was the last shot from Dingle’s free kick for her 34th point of the game.

“Super proud of this team with a tough win over a really good Quinnipiac team that has been selected to win the MAAC.” Stephanie Gaitley, head coach

Head coach Stephanie Gaitley reflected in the performance of its teams.

“Super proud of this team with a tough win over a really good Quinnipiac team that has been selected to win the MAAC,” said Gaitley. “Asaih was a top ball, Kaitlyn had a double-double and Millie (Prior, FCRH ’25) with nine attacking rebounds. The big team wins! ”

Fordham’s next game will be Saturday, Nov. 13, at Seton Hall University. Both teams are returning to the field after two very competitive matches. The Pirates will re-enter their home field after a triumphant victory against Mount St. Mary’s this Wednesday night, 81-68.

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