SINGAPORE, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Financial entrepreneur Endy Ong integrates innovative Insurtech with personal empathy training for his team to serve his clientele.

Financial entrepreneur Endy Ong integrates innovative Insurtech with personal empathy training with his team to serve his clients

Financial entrepreneur Endy Ong integrates innovative Insurtech with personal empathy training with his team to serve his clients

Financial entrepreneur Endy Ong integrates innovative Insurtech with personal empathy training with his team to serve his clients

It is driven by purpose, with the interest of the people in mind. A passionate and humane person, he devotes his time helping his clients and friends in the areas of retirement, defense, claims, wealth creation and investment planning. A career coach who focuses on an individual’s personal development and uses business analytics to help clients achieve their goals. Building on the legacy of giving to others, generously, and putting others before oneself it’s his motto. He believes that a leader should be able to snatch the hearts of his people and when necessary, start a revolution. He has set very high ideals for his peers to imitate, ensuring that his group name wins a referral call for his people.

Innovative insurtech

Insurance is a long-term industry that is constantly evolving over time. He took over the business of insurance companies, combined it with the needs of society and created a lightweight digital platform that serves the needs of all. This process flow streamline creates efficiency in meeting needs from all sides with efficiency and ease, this can be achieved using technology.

24 years personal relationship with clients

Endy’s impressive network of professional doctors from medical specialists, surgeons, hospitals, physiotherapists, traditional Chinese medicine clinics, chiropractors, lawyers and many other sectors with business professionals, is what makes it stand out from its competitors. He has extensive knowledge in the field of medicine. He has invested so much of his time understanding medicine, lifestyles and knowledge of medical procedures and uses knowledge to help clients make the right decisions when choosing the right policies to help them maximize benefits.

His background

Endy invested in himself by working in 6 jobs. He worked as an assistant teacher, waiter, a personal assistant, a telemarketer, a weird construction worker, and a schoolteacher. He changed the course of his career due to the death of his best friend from leukemia. The family used the insurance payment to clear all the medical bills, which happened when he fell into the world of insurance. He used his natural abilities for humans to take him to the next level. Always a solution provider, with his people skills, he understood the perception of the Insurance industry and quickly made a discovery of how insurance can best be handled to serve customers. He was a sales consultant for 10 years, leaving his mark as a Million Dollar Roundtable qualifier for 8 consecutive years. An extraordinary achievement for Endy. This led him to the next attack in the leadership arena.

Complete health and affordability

Understanding the needs of clients, Endy refined his services over the years as a consultant and developed it into a holistic system for his team. By putting the needs of his clients first, he traverses them thoroughly in a comprehensive and concise way to design a plan that helps to meet the needs of his clients without compromising on affordability.

A patient and trustworthy Mentor for his team

Being in a leadership role was a completely different ball game. Every aspect had to be retrained and reassessed. He had to show potential clients that he was more than able to afford their finances. As he moved into a leadership role, he had to gain the trust of his people to be worthy of the role of being their mentor. He used his extensive industry experience and knowledge to train his team to be successful. Not only did he have to consider the basic requirements to make only strong sales and get referrals from his consultants, he not only developed a system to allow his consultants to succeed, but also the factor of the people that was the core of his business.

A leader with a heart

Then comes mentoring, not only as a boss, but also as a friend. He understands that people tend to listen to close friends more than bosses. He shows genuine love and care and does not micro-manage his staff, thus utilizing a positive, creative and fun environment to grow.

The wolf of the insurance world type

He sees himself as a versatile man and understands man’s problems on the road, He started from humble beginnings and is now able to give back in ways that help him see how his rags on wealth have brought benefits not just for his staff, customers and also for himself in so many ways he could not have imagined possible. He sees this stage of his life as a place where this is his last chance in life, to give his people, their first chance.

Endy Ong Group clients and global plans

Endy manages blue-collar employee portfolios for successful SME business owners with diverse businesses Asia. This was made possible by being knowledgeable, responsible and agile. He manages the simple car insurance for life protection up to the creation of individual property up to the planning of the inheritance, including the liability of directors and officers. His client’s big businesses span all over Asia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong. He manages fitness center chain insurance as his reputation becomes widely known through the owners or staff of these fitness chains. Reputable in the medical world, he understands the unique needs of physicians and in return, works with them to provide clients with in-depth knowledge of their medical conditions when needed. His focus is expanding his business to Asia and then internationally.

IG Personal

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