What are your thoughts on why the rash attack has been so good lately?

I think as staff we have done a pretty good job putting together a game plan, to attack what we are seeing in defense. We have a very talented offensive line that physically plays and sets the collision line. Brilliant backs that pass between interventions, and when we pull it to the perimeter an altruistic and receptive grip that understand their role when we lift the ball. I would say these are three critical reasons for our success in the last three games and the season.

The appearance of Anthony Brown

I think all the things I mentioned about the previous question. I think we are leaving the ball against good numbers in the squares, the center-back is making good decisions when it comes to our RPO and RSO game when we get the ball on the perimeter. I think we blocked movement and pressure very well. That is, when a lot of negative yard play happens when the line is stunted or you get a player unlocked off the edge. I think schematically from the decision-making point of view of blocking, we have done a good job of calculating them as well.

Utah defensive line, dismissals, hasty defense, kicks for loss. How do you prepare for this?

It will be an incredible challenge. They mostly play a four-down front. They have large dimensions inside. Their skirts are very athletic and active. I think both of those who are inside the line defenders do a good job of playing downhill but also to follow the balls down when they reach the sideline. They play a sufficiently high amount of security, so they get more defenders in the quad. So it will be a challenge. Treatment of their sixth front. They are very aggressive and have an excellent scheme. We have to account for the unlocked defenders in the second level.

Put in context what you have seen from Byron Cardwell and his vision as a runner

Coach Mastro has done a great job with that room, with the two young boys. If I’m not mistaken, I think he has averaged 10 yards or more for the Colorado game and this past game against Washington State. Many things go into this. Certainly his talent and remaining patience to read his blocks, and then when the opportunity arises to explode out of the hole and be able to split. I think you saw the ability to make people get lost in space in the last car. He was able to shake some boys and create some things. I think coach Mastro does a great job making sure he understands the blocking scheme, the readings, things like that. Extraordinary natural talent. He has done an excellent job with the scheme and I think he is very well trained.

Joe Moorhead Health

I think I am getting better every day. I came back to work well, well, long before the doctors recommended that I retire to the office, but this was a personal decision and I think it was a good decision. The only thing [that’s different] is standing on the field relative to the box. I can see it well up there. It is a very sterile and stoic environment. It is somewhat devoid of emotion, which face being down on the field is exactly the opposite. But, I do not want to remove the butt down there [on the field]. I’m not really fast or quick. I was one of those slow-pocketed quarterbacks. So if they catch me they will kill me and then it is another trip to ER. For now, I will stay awake. It is much safer up there.

AB’s rash attack and does it draw more attention from defense lately, thus creating better running lanes for your back?

I would definitely agree with that. The last three games I think are close to this season, historically with the concept of this work. Whenever you can add a number to the run game that the defense has to defend, it raises a number of issues regarding gap adjustments, coverages you can play. I think this is probably a slightly underrated and underestimated part of AB game, the running game. I think he is over 500 yards rushing, closing in 10 strokes. What we ask the quarterback to do from a decision-making point of view in the running game, is not like being under center in 22 staff and going back and leaving him in charge. We challenge them in presnap views, post-snap recognition. The things we do besides the guys in front, the guys who run the ball, part of that is attributed to the decision-making of the center-backs and what he does when he has the opportunity to run the ball.

Following this, what makes Anthony so effective as a runner?

I think No. 1, the meaning of the scheme. No, 2 decision making. Then the number 3 is its size and speed. He is a rogue fast runner and is also a little more elusive than you can see for a guy of this size in terms of putting his foot on the ground and getting people merchandise. I think all those things have made him a very effective ball bearer this year.

Your thoughts on the blocking performance by your first two students and how important this was to DJ Johnson outside and next week

The loss of the DJ hurt from the point of view of experience and physics because he had done such a good job in the game run the last two seasons. Those two young boys are big and strong. They can really hold a point. We asked them to do some things on the blocks down, drink and draw things, great things on area schemes, and then they are getting their chances in the next game. I think both are talented guys, a potential ton, they should continue to improve as the season progresses. I know the close group and receivers feel proud of their role by blocking on the perimeter when we get the ball on the field. As we mentioned, turning short runs into long runs and long runs downhill.

Talk about the progress of new recipients, first and second year boys. It can be difficult to evaluate their games when they only get a few goals per game. Troy Franklin and Chris Hutson?

This is a good sign when the boys are improving as the season progresses. Of course, very talented. I like that the band as a whole is very altruistic. They understand that the most critical statistic is the one that goes to the left column and not the right column. They know that with the balance of our attack we have shown based on the way we are playing, the lack of defense, we can throw 300 when we need to, and the last three weeks we have run for 300 when we need to. I think when they have had their chances, they have done a really good job, hopefully we can continue to get them more in the next game, but not at the expense of scoring points and wins. Like those two new ends, I think the sky is the limit for all those new receivers

Think about Utah’s first 7 and in particular Sewell and Lloyd as line-up, the game that will be?

Both of these guys are very talented and productive. Lloyd, is as good as I have seen in the last two years. Just a guy with a lot of size and a lot of athletics. Physics against escape. He is also a really effective passing runner. This is something that will be a challenge for us if he will face one of our line players or if he will turn to him in the “after-pro”. We have to do a good job there. He also seems to be the emotional leader of the team as well. The boys really gather around him. With Sewell, they are very talented, high-level Pac-12 line defenders

Mika Tafua is out of advantage for them. How important has Sala been to you? Not because of the role and the right kick, but has he really helped you naturalize the defensive elite conclusions?

With the running game and the following game, you have seen tremendous growth and improvement from Sala. Facing some of the best transition players in the league and doing a great job there. Doing the things we can to help those guys with fast play, chips or some of the things in defense. There has been a very good steady growth with it, but really across the board. He is a guy who will also have a bright future.

Going on the field and it looks like you have increased the number of recent games

I think the Washington game was weird even though we hit a couple there. It will always be the construct of offense. Many times we call a game that is designed as a kick, but actually the receiver opens or the cover dictates if the ball lands on the field. I think the prime example of this was a critical game in 2 and 12 running down to one of the last discs, we called a kick game in Devon, he was let in, he was blocked from the corner, AB continued his progress . we took him back to Chris Hutson on the excavation route and we were able to hit him. Our passing game will always consist of fast-paced, three-step play, intermediate return, five-step, field shots and then screens. Based on our matches, the coverage we see, what we need to do to attack a defense that particular week will determine the number of times we throw it on the field.