Mohan Singh. Photo of the folder

LAHORE: Everyone is mortal, but the time and place of certain deaths create unrest and raises suspicions, as is the case with the death of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium field curator Mohan Singh, who was found breathless in his room. hours before the crucial T20 Word Cup match between New Zealand and Afghanistan on Sunday, helping many strange conspiracy theories to emerge on social media untapped and rampant, though the unfortunate incident may be overshadowed by the splendor and glory of the ongoing global championship .

The crucial clash between New Zealand and Afghanistan, which caused India to leave the prestigious tournament as Kiwi trampled on their opponents, sparking rumor mills ranging from speculation and suicide to the natural death of the teenager. Mohan who hailed from the Indian city of Mohali and worked extensively with former Indian Cricket Board chief curator Daljit Singh before moving to the UAE in 2004.

According to various Indian media and cricket websites, Mohan worked at the Mohawk Cricket Stadium in Punjab in Mohali from 1994 to 2004; initially as a field supervisor, who also assisted coaches in a variety of sports, including tennis and swimming, before turning his mind to cricket.

Although the cause of his death remains unknown and an investigation is said to be underway, many social media posters suggested that Mohan Singh committed suicide after being pressured by Indian basketball players and the betting mafia to prepare a dry field that could neutralize the New Zealand rhythm attack and help the opposite. Afghanistan’s deadliest spinners, who were found toothless while defending a fairly low total of 124.

The famous cricket website “” stated: “The incident happened before the start of the game and the field for today’s clash was also made by Singh. Sources claimed that Mohan has committed suicide, however; the administration is currently investigating the matter and seeking to uncover the truth after the incident. However, he had offers within India and from Uganda; Singh preferred to get a job in Abu Dhabi.

Remember, the British coach of the Pakistan cricket team, Bob Woolmer (1948-2007), also died suddenly in his room at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica in March 2007, just hours after the green jerseys were suddenly eliminated from the hands of Ireland at the 2007 World Cup.

Shortly afterwards, Jamaican police announced that they would open an investigation into Woolmer’s murder, according to media outlets such as BBC News, ESPN Cricinfo, Jamaica Gleaner and the London Observer.

Weeks later, media pursuits quoted relevant Jamaican officials as announcing that Woolmer had died of natural causes and had not been killed as indicated by the pathologist’s previous report.

Earlier, Jamaica Gleaner wrote: “A group of Scotland Yard investigators asked to help with this case have concluded that the Pakistani cricket coach died of heart failure. A pathology report submitted by the Scotland Yard team now says the former Pakistani cricket coach died of natural causes and not from manual drowning as originally reported by Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields. The Scotland Yard report specifically stated that Woolmer died of heart failure, contradicting earlier reports by Jamaica Constituent Forces investigator and local pathologist Dr Ere Sheshiah, who had performed a post-mortem on Woolmers’s body.

Other reports suggested that Woolmer, who played 19 test matches for England, had suffered from health problems, including an enlarged heart and diabetes, which may have contributed to his death.

In an interview with Fox News, former South African cricketer Clive Rice claimed that Woolmer was killed by organized crime groups, saying: “These mafia betting syndicates do not stop at anything and do not care. who hinders them. Former Australian captain Ian Chappell also said Woolmer may have been ready to reveal “some suspicions”.

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