Chris Hemsworth has been a match in successful Hollywood movies as well Thor AND Revenge for more than a decade, but it is not just his acting games that have earned the star such a dedicated fan base. The actor’s inimitable fitness has not only made him an international professional, but also the envy of many fitness participants, too — and the reason the phrase “Chris Hemsworth coaching” returns over 30 million Google results.

However, it is not Hemsworth’s natural inclination to go to the gym that gave him the Thor body that audiences know and love. Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth’s friend and his old coach, sat down with him Eat this, not that! to discuss the star’s workout and diet and why, when so many other people have tried to lift the quarantine weight, Hemsworth is in “the best shape he has ever been”.

Read on to learn how Zocchi trains Hemsworth and without what foods the MCU star cannot live. For more on how your favorite stars fit in, check out This is Ben Affleck’s Meal and Exercise Plan to Stay Fit.

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To achieve big muscles, his MCU character Thor is known, Zocchi has Hemsworth in the gym five days a week lifting heavy weights.

“For the latter Thor, we adhered to a push / pull mode. It would split into five days: push-ups for a day chest, pull-ups for the back, legs, shoulders and arms, “Zocchi explains. However, while Hemsworth’s workouts were essential, Zocchi says there was another equally important component of star: “The biggest thing is supporting that training with food,” he says.

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Zocchi says there are no end angles when it comes to achieving the extremely large but toned look for which Thor is known.

“For all those Marvel roles, we start like three months ago. We almost do like a boot camp,” Zocchi explains, noting that most of the long hours at the gym are recorded before filming. “When we’re in the role, it’s about maintenance because he shoots all day,” Zocchi adds.

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While it cannot be denied that Hemsworth always looks capable on screen, Zocchi admits that maintaining the star’s newly reached musculature during filming is no small thing.

“I’ve noticed in some movies where Chris is going to start the movie in his greatness, but he just can’t keep that size throughout the shoot. They’re shooting 12, 14 hours a day, and the last thing they do is Want to do is to do a strenuous workout as they have been playing on camera all day, “says Zocchi. “Maintaining it while shooting is harder than actually getting there.”

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While Hemsworth has not been clear in the physical fitness department in the past, Zocchi says COVID-related blockages have allowed the star to focus on his training in a way he had not been able to in years.

“For the latter Thor, Chris is in crazy shape, “says Zocchi.” Because of COVID, and because we went into closure, and because he has this new home with a whole gym, we almost went to a one-year training camp for that role. We went crazy. This is why you will see that he is in the best shape he has ever been. “I do not think I have ever trained so much … Our bodies, at the end of it, were almost broken because we went crazy.”

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Rock is not the only star that removes large amounts of food to maintain its muscles.

Zocchi explains that Hemsworth is “naturally a taller, thinner guy”, so it is necessary for him to significantly increase his caloric intake when training for his roles at MCU.

“He was eating so much food,” Zocchi says, noting that the star eats every two hours when he is growing up. “He was eating 4,500 calories a day. It was madness.”

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To help boost Hemsworth training, Zocchi says the star usually relies on red meat – and a lot of it.

“Sometimes, I’m surprised at how much red meat he eats because it’s like he just doesn’t get sick from the steak – he can just eat it at any time of the day, in the morning or whatever,” Zocchi says. “He loves it. It’s weird. In his genetic makeup, that’s what he likes to do.”

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While Hemsworth may seem to be in very perfect shape, Zocchi says there is still little room to move for fun food as well.

“When we’re doing all those things for Thor, we work at approximately 80/20 [principle]”80% of the time we are fine and 20% of the time, we have some bad food … To save your mind, you should eat a little meal where you have a little chocolate, a little ice cream,” he says.

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Although many people may want to develop muscle like Hemsworth, Zocchi acknowledges that what you see on screen is simply not accessible to everyone.

“Understand that everyone is different. Me too, for example. I do the same workouts as Chris and people are,” How come you do not have the same arms with him? “I’m like, ‘I just do not!’ “I do everything he does, we’re just different,” says Zocchi.

“When you see him in those roles where he has reached his peaks and he looks amazing, it’s like when we did a week eating everything exactly, he might even be a little dehydrated, [and] the lighting is perfect. This is the one at its peak, “he explains.

The key to being in the best shape for your body type, according to Zocchi? “Consistency,” he says. “This is something you have to do for life. Find something you like to do and keep doing it.”

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Giving Hemsworth a superhero body was challenging, but achievable – and now Zocchi, Hemsworth and the Hemsworth stunt, Bobby Holland Hanton, have come together to let ordinary people learn how to enter into an extraordinary form on their own. The trio has teamed up to create Centr, a lifestyle app that provides users with the exercises, nutritional guidelines and conscience practices they need to get into their best shape ever.

“If you look at Chris, you might think, ‘This is an app that only deals with how to get big and lift a lot of weights,’ but [it’s] all of these things Chris and I learned along the way. As further Avengers: End of game, we were in London and we were injured, and Chris had injured his back, so we started doing yoga together. There is yoga in this app, there is Pilates. “There are all different styles of exercise … It’s a really healthy balance and a good approach to health and fitness,” says Zocchi.

They have even recently adapted the program to include Centr Power, a 10-week program that promises to deliver muscle toning results for beginners as well. And for more on how celebrities stay fit, check out This Is Ryan Reynold’s Exact Food and Exercise Plan to stay in shape.