Natural Health Products NZ has announced the winners of its annual industry awards, including the Supreme Award for Best General Entry:

Supreme Price Vitaco Health (NZ)
Marketing price ($ 2 million and more in sales) Vitaco Health (NZ)
Marketing price (Under $ 2 million in sales) Manuka Bioscience
Innovation Award at the Cawthron Institute Anagenix
FernMark License Program Increase Price PharmaNZ
Business Sustainability Price

Winner: Alaron products

Highly praised: Vitaco Health (NZ)

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award Alison Quesnel

Natural Health Products New Zealand is a national industry organization representing the country’s natural health products, functional foods, complementary medicines, cosmetics and nutrition industries within New Zealand and internationally.

Announcing the winners, Award Judge Alison Quesnel says the New Zealand natural health products industry has risen to the challenges posed by Covid-19.

“This year, more than ever, the award winners demonstrated a positive and potential attitude, combined with continuing to push across borders with high quality innovations that further enhanced New Zealand’s international reputation as a source of high quality natural health. “

Summary of award winners

Supreme Price: Vitaco Health (NZ)

Vitaco Health is home to Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands of health food, sports nutrition and supplements – Musashi, Aussie Bodies, Nutra-Life and Healtheries. With a legacy dating back over 116 years, its vision is to Empower Healthy Living in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe.

It is a complex business that operates across multiple sites 24 hours a day and has a large field-based team serving in pharmacy and supermarket stores throughout New Zealand. By 2020, overall employee engagement measures improved and trust in Leadership increased.

The judges said Vitaco’s notes demonstrated a smart mindset, a commitment to continuous improvement and the well-being of its people. The apparent success in those areas made Vitaco a clear winner.

Marketing Price ($ 2 million or more): Winner Vitaco Health (NZ)

This award recognizes a company that has achieved outstanding results from the implementation of an outstanding marketing campaign.

The winning Marketing Award ($ 2 million and more) was for Vitaco’s Joint Bio Flex product. The challenge of marketing and innovation was to mitigate the decline of the shared health segment by creating a product that yielded tangible human outcomes and positive category outcomes.

The judges were impressed with Vitaco’s comprehensive and very detailed analysis of the challenge and marketing opportunity. The resulting multifaceted marketing plan was impressively executed to promote Joint Bio Flex.

They also liked the identification of Vitaco for some lessons that will set them well for this and subsequent product launches.

Marketing Price (Under $ 2 Million): Manuka Bioscience

This award recognizes a company that has achieved outstanding results from the implementation of an outstanding marketing campaign.

Manuka Bioscience is an innovative healthcare company that develops cosmetics and evidence-based medicines for local OTC treatments and dermatological therapies using New Zealand East Cape mānuka essential oil.

This Marketing Award was for the consumer brand of the company Manuka Rx.

The judges were impressed by Manuka Bioscience’s client-centric approach to marketing mānuka oil: “They created a full understanding of existing clients and channels and tried to make the digital base really good. Their success was evident in “A range of measures including revenue growth, customer satisfaction, Google review ratings, Internet traffic and conversion rates.”

Cawthron Institute Innovation Award: Winner – Anagenix

This award recognizes the tremendous innovation demonstrated in every aspect of the business.

Auckland-based Anagenix is ​​one of the leading global suppliers of innovative natural health and wellness ingredients made from 100% natural, plant-based NZ products. They work closely with NZ manufacturers, manufacturers / suppliers and research institutes to bring to the world natural health products proven by clinical science.

The Cawthron Institute Innovation Award is given for the redevelopment of Anagenix – Feiolix® feijoa extract product with which the company meets the important challenge of transforming the extract into a cost effective and marketable product that preserves the health benefits of the extract.

The judges commented that Anagenix had excellent R&D processes along with their existing experience with other products. Their entry demonstrated a comprehensive and systematic approach to innovation. They also noted the strong emphasis on science, which is essential to support the health claims of the ingredients.

FernMark License Program Increase Price: PharmaNZ

This award is made to the company with the highest percentage of total revenue growth.

Hamilton-based FarmaNZ Limited is a 100% New Zealand family-owned company that is committed to working with like-minded clients to create a healthier world. The GMP certified contract manufacturer of health supplements achieved growth of 342% in 2020.

Business Sustainability Award: Winner: Alaron Products

Highly acclaimed: Vitaco Health (NZ)

This new award was created to recognize a company that went beyond and further in managing its business until 2020. It recognizes the ability and skill of the business leaders and workforce of our industry.

Alaron Products (Winner): Nelson-based Alaron Products is a GMP certified contract manufacturer established in 1993.

During 2020 Alaron grew to employ more than 140 people and continued to expand and add additional production capacity.

The judges said this entry was a clear demonstration of sustainability and a visible commitment to customer needs through rapidly increasing production capacity. Alaron took the opportunity and successfully executed a very ambitious recruitment plan for a short period.

Alaron’s rise in the face of a global pandemic was a testament to his values, his quick but thoughtful actions, and the importance he placed on maintaining effective communication with all actors.

Vitaco Health (NZ) (Very Prayer): Vitaco clearly demonstrated a commitment to its vision to “Empower Healthy Lives” by keeping the well-being and safety of its employees at the forefront in 2020. This saw the company manage rapid demand fluctuations and challenge chain issues supply, keeping Covid-19 from their multiple production sites.

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award: Alison Quesnel

Former member of the health products industry Alison Quesnel has received natural NZ health products Outstanding contribution to the industry award The award is not given every year and is only made in cases where someone has been truly extraordinary.

Ms. Quesnel has extensive experience in the health supplements, food manufacturing, and business service industries that span three decades. She has also held several government advisory roles regarding natural health products, small business and the food and beverage sectors.

Between 2009 and 2020 she held a variety of roles with Natural Health Products Products New Zealand, including as a board member, executive director from 2012 to 2017 and, most recently, director of government affairs. Despite retiring in 2020, she led the trial at this year’s NZ Natural Health Products Awards (excluding this award).

During her time with Natural Health Products NZ, Ms. Quesnel was responsible for helping the sector grow from an industry worth $ 1 billion to $ 2.3 billion today. Its efforts also saw membership expand to represent more than 80 percent of all companies involved in the country’s natural products industry, including all major brands and manufacturers.

She also directed important regulatory flows and public affairs, particularly in relation to the Draft Law on Natural Health Products.

At the same time, she gladly mentored a lot in the industry and was considered the most common person for regulatory issues of natural health products.

Ms. Quesnel’s professionalism, positivity, and ability to build extraordinary relationships have been essential to the success of the sector.

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