FAYETTEVILLE – Injury issues for both starting quarterbacks will accompany Arkansas Razorbacks No. 8 in their No. 1 clash. 2 Georgia on Saturday in Athens, Ga.

KJ Jefferson of the second year of the University of Arkansas has held a support this week after sitting on his left knee in the second half of last week’s 20-10 win over No. 7 Texas A&M. Jefferson missed 20 offensive reps in the game, but returned for the last two series and conducted post-game interviews.

Against 6-3, 245 kilograms is the only SEC quarterback with 800 passing yards plus 200 yards in a hurry. Jefferson ranks 15th in FBS crossing efficiency with a rating of 170.12 that includes an NCAA-18.3 meters better finish.

Jefferson was frivolous in the first shot of Arkansas’ third series in the first quarter last week and was out of the game, but he turned to spin and drive through Texas A&M safety Leon O’Neal for the 10-meter kick in a second. -and-9 snap in the game.

Pittman did not address a question about Jefferson’s health on Wednesday.

Georgia starter JT Daniels is facing a back muscle injury after an oblique injury kept him out of the Bulldogs’ 56-7 win over Alabama-Birmingham on September 11th.

“His slant is fine,” said Georgia coach Kirby Smart. “He has had a small issue that bothered him last week. He has done a good job. He is sharp, watches all his tapes and gets all his reps and does a good job. We hopefully he can stay that way.

Daniels is second in the country with a 76.1% completion rate at 54-of-71 passing for 567 yards, and his efficiency rating of 160.8 ranks 30th on FBS.

Arkansas newcomer Malik Hornsby got 20 reps last week. Georgia top reserve Stetson Bennett created the Bulldogs’ return win 37-10 in Arkansas last season. Bennett (22 by 30, 443 meters, 6 TD, 2 INT) has an efficiency rating of 250.04.

The best beating

Sam Pittman became the first Arkansas coach to beat three ranked opponents in his first 14 games in 44 years with last week’s 20-10 No. 1 defeat. 7 Texas A&M.

Pittman’s Razorbacks beat No.16 Mississippi State 21-14 in Week 2 last year and No. 15 Texas 40-21 in Week 2 of this year. Arkansas was denied a victory in No. 13 Auburn last season with a wrong referee decision.

The 1977 Lou Holtz team returned the win with a 28-6 win over No. 15 Oklahoma State, a 26-20 win at No. 1 Oklahoma State. 11 Texas A&M and a No. 31-6 race. 2 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl during an 11-1 season.

Early game

The Razorbacks will have their first game in the 11th of the season, which will be at noon in Athens, Ga.

Coach Sam Pittman said the coaches devoted several days in a row to early practice during the camp to condition the players on what breakfast and game preparations would be like.

“Nothing will change on Saturday except we will have a little less time between our pre-match meal and our walks,” Pittman said. “It will probably take up to 90 minutes … to get to the stadium on Saturday. It depends on the traffic. So it will speed up a bit.”

Pittman said the team would hold its church services Friday night at the Atlanta hotel rather than on game day.

“Moreover, this is why we practice those four or five days in a row early in the morning so that our children know they need to get up, get ready and I think we will be able to do that, said Pittman.

Down Dawgs

The Razorbacks have presented good defensive game plans and Sam Pittman expects no less against the mighty Bulldogs.

“We have to play hard. We have to be us,” Pittman said. “We can’t give up any kind of big game for them. That stadium is going to go crazy, you know. We have to make them win everything.

“To be honest with you, I told the team yesterday that we need to be the best faces we have been in all year. We need to be able to get these great support on the ground. We will be in one. such – a situation and we have to put them on the ground. “

Mixing the list

The Razorbacks have a list of several veterans dating back to the Bret Bielema era (2013-17), a mid-segment from the years of Chad Morris (2018-19) and two classes of the Sam Pittman regime. Each of the groups has key contributors.

As Morris teams struggled with team building and game planning, staff recruitment, coordinated by former Razorback Barry Lunney Jr., provided numerous key contributors to the Hogs 4-0 start.

Among the key signatories during that period: Wide receiver Treylon Burks, center-back KJ Jefferson, back Trelon Smith, attacking starters Myron Cunningham, Ricky Stromberg, Brady Latham and Beaux Limmer, Hudson Henry, Jalen Catalon security, and Simeon Blair support Brooks Jr., LaDarrius Bishop and Hudson Clark, and defenders Isaiah Nichols, Zach Williams, Mataio Soli, Eric Gregory and Taurean Carter.


Georgia has an 11-4 lead in the all-time series, but Arkansas scored a victory in the last game played “between defenses” in Athens, Ga.

The 2010 Razorbacks avenged a 52-41 loss to the Bulldogs a year earlier with a 31-24 victory at Sanford Stadium on September 18, 2010. Greg Childs captured the game’s winning game, a 40-meter pass from Ryan Mallett with 15 seconds left. remaining, as the Razorbacks had lost the 24-10 lead in the middle of the fourth quarter.

Arkansas had six bags with Aaron Murray in that game, two from Damario Ambrose and a key 8-yard bag from Jake Bequette at the end of the fourth quarter.

Georgia holds the 3-2 lead in the matches played in Athens. The Bulldogs have not lost a game to Arkansas in the Natural, maintaining a 5-0 lead in games played in Fayetteville and a 1-0 lead in Little Rock.

Hornsby range

Sam Pittman said the Razorbacks need to expand center-back Malik Hornsby’s reserve repertoire as a passer-by for his next appearances.

Hornsby was in 20 games in the third and fourth quarter of Saturday’s 20-10 win over Texas A&M with the game still online.

“It was useful for the big time,” Pittman told Hornsby while playing at a critical time. “He had been in a game or two before that, but not in those circumstances. The other thing is we have to throw the ball when he’s there.”

The bright red freshener was 1 of 3 passing for 7 yards. The Razorbacks had at least a few other passes called with Hornsby in the game, but he pulled the ball down and ran over some of them. Narrow end Blake Kern did not dismiss a high pass in the final area that would be Hornsby’s first touchdown pass.

The Razorbacks settled for the goal on the field of Cam Little in 24 meters and scored Aggi 3-0 with Hornsby in the game.

“It was a big role for Malik to get in and increase the way he did,” said Arkansas receiver Treylon Burks. “You know, he led us to a goal on the pitch which was great, he put us up to 10.”

Tailback Trelon Smith said he gave Hornsby some words of encouragement when he entered.

“This was a moment he was ready for,” Smith said. “There were some ruined shows, but he got out of there and made the most of them.

“Then at the end, he tried to enter the last area, lowered his shoulder, beating the defender in the 1 meter line. It was a passing pass in the last area, but he got the ball there. It could have been the touch of his first thrower “.

The Razorbacks had 16 passes for 80 yards with Hornsby at center-back. Hornsby had a 16-meter run on his first shot and he finished with 12 net yards, which included 13 yards in loss.

Top ‘D’

For the second week in a row, the Razorbacks will face the country’s highest defensive unit at allowed points.

Georgia took the national lead in that department and total defense after closing Vanderbilt 62-0 last Saturday at 77 yards total and the first four drops.

Georgia is allowing 185.3 meters and 5.8 points per game. Their overall defense average is 25 yards per game lower than Wisconsin, which ranks second in the country.

Texas A&M held the FBS lead on defensive note (5.7) and ranked ninth in total defense (239.3) going last week, but Aggies dropped to second place and 23, respectively, after dropping 443 yards overall in Arkansas .

Georgia have given up 23 points, seven of them from an Alabama-Birmingham pick with six, and just one offensive touch, a 36-meter pass from South Carolina Luke Doty to Josh Vann in the early fourth quarter with the Bulldogs who passed with a score of 40-6.