2020 can be known as the year when we rediscovered our relationship with well-being – physical and emotional. With the onset of an unforeseen stalemate, the extended term of daily life gave many people the chance to recover with their inner selves. And making the journey easier were a host of professionals, gurus and industry users who turned their social media portals into a comprehensive tool for useful resources and guided practices to make the transition to the new normal normal. . As we look forward to the arrival of another year with renewed hope, here are the names listed by the Wellness industry that you will want to hear every day at your source – if you are not already.

Adriene Mishler

With over eight million YouTube subscribers, Adriene Mishler was a household name with fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. However, the sudden onset of the pandemic-induced blockage helped her workout at home reach another realm of popularity with internet users — the 35-year-old yoga coach added another million to her subscriber numbers in just the months. last. The meteoric rise of numbers was further aided by the fact that the meditative element of yoga made her workouts a welcome break for those who are isolated at home during the jam.

Luke Coutinho

As a holistic lifestyle coach, it comes as a small surprise that Luke Coutinho’s positive ideology was in high demand during a year unlike any other. His top tips for his followers during the health crisis? That fancy superfoods and supplements are not the only tools required to keep the body in optimal shape. Through live sessions on Instagram and online checklists, he has led the virtual leader towards a healthier, more rounded view of life during blocking. By the end of the year near the corners, his widely watched conversations in the morning are now laying the groundwork for welcoming 2021 on a positive note through the practice of gratitude, the diary, and the interrelated shifts of thought.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

The name of the New York-based health and wellness trainer is no stranger to fitness circles — as a yoga and Pilates trainer, she deserves to develop her own training method of the same name that has found a fan among celebrities. and everyday enthusiasts. As an unprecedented stalemate eased throughout the year, she introduced a 14-day cautious movement challenge to help her online community find solace as it adapts to the new lifestyle of social distancing. A quick spin through its Instagram source and you will find endless meditation exercises as well as home exercises that encourage people to include movement in their day, even when they spend it indoors.

Dr Deepika Chopra

In a year when optimism may seem low, Dr. Deepika Chopra offered the perfect solution with her weekly podcast, Things Are Looking Up, which offers listeners the opportunity to hear directly from travelers coming from different walks of life, while also learning practice skills for everyday life. Taking cues from her work as a happiness researcher and visual imaging expert, the self-described optimized doctor also launched a 52-card deck that provides guided guidance for a holistic life.

Kayla Itsines

With over 12 million followers on her merits, Kayla Itsines today is known for her coaching app that revolutionized the world of digital coaching. After noticing that lack of equipment, time and space were serving as barriers for women to exercise, the fitness mogul created a program with zero equipment — a 16-week formation created for people of all fitness levels using space Minimal. In an Instagram post, she recalled, “I recently thought a lot about my early days as a personal trainer and the way I coached women in their backyards and departure camps. I remember when I first met seeing these women they felt so overwhelmed – they were often unable to go to the gym and had no equipment at home and felt like they would never be able to progress.Once I started training them, it was “It was amazing to see the change in their attitude when they learned that they could do a high-intensity workout from their homes or in a park without any equipment. This program is getting it back to where it all started for me.”

Emily Fletcher

As the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher is helping to bring meditation to the masses. Fletcher responded to the global health crisis by uploading meditations to her Instagram account. Her method is based on reciting a meaningless word with many syllables over and over to calm and focus the mind.

Yasmin Karachiwala

Staying at home and staying in shape should not be mutually exclusive, believes the favorite coach of celebrities. Further evidence of the same can be found in the ongoing stream of home fitness content she has cured for her followers, often using her famous clientele to engage videos in the face of Pilates virtual holidays and informational sessions. Q&A to navigate life during isolation.

Mark Hyman

As the first name for functional medicine, it is fair to say that Dr. Mark Hyman’s expertise has never been more sought after by the internet. As the world faced a pandemic once in a century, Dr. Hyman played a vital role in promoting the dissemination of accurate, factual information and helping his followers millions on Instagram to prioritize their emotional health together with physical well – being

Rujuta Diwekar

When it comes to staying in optimal shape, nutritionist and bestselling author, Rujuta Diwekar is the name to which the top industry listings A are addressed. As the world adjusted to the new normal, the famous dietitian followed suit, turning her Instagram page in a treasure trove of resource-driven plans, including quarantine diet plans, weekly meal plans, and step-by-step allocations for all age groups, from children to the elderly.

Arianna Huffington

At the head of a media empire, Arianna Huffington has reorganized social conversations in more ways than one of its foundations, Thrive Global, serves as a weapons call for the younger generation to curb work-related fatigue and stress. With the world moving from a lifestyle from work to home overnight, the media mogul has helped internet users navigate the new status quo without sacrificing their emotional well-being. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “Our opportunity as we move on to the next normal is to take pandemic lessons with us and re-establish our relationship with time – so that we are in control of our time, not the other way around. It does not mean diminishing our ambitions, being less productive, or cooling down under a mango tree – not at all. breathless. “

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